Could all the issues with editing inside container objects be fixed please? Editing within a container should be no different than editing on a design layer - same snaps, same functionality of tools, same visibilities, same planes - everything should be identical. When I say container objects I am referring to editing modes for - within symbols, within groups, within solid operations (addition/subtraction/section etc.), within PIOs (EAP, Sweep etc.), within auto-hybrids, within extrudes, within crops of SLVPs or any other custom edit mode. I should be able to use lines and other 2d objects without them disappearing. I should be able to paste and paste in place without the resulting object being way off in space. Things shouldn't randomly disappear. Things should render properly. Things shouldn't lose their snaps. Distribute, align, duplicate array and duplicate along path should all work as you expect, not in some random, unexplainable way. All things that need to resolve themselves (eg. 2d object jumping to the 2d component of a symbol because you were editing the 3d component) shouldn't do so until you exit the editing mode (eg. click the Exit Symbol button). Why is working in these edit modes treated differently than working directly on the design layer??   I would say more than 80 percent of my unhappiness with VW comes from these frustration. Try editing an extrude within a solid addition within a symbol... it can be a complete nightmare and often results in just rebuilding the original symbol from scratch instead of editing it.   Kevin
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