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AR-media(TM) Plugin for Vectorworks 2012 - Beta program

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Hi all,

I am Gioacchino from Inglobe Technologies.

Inglobe Technologies invites all interested users to apply as a beta-tester for the upcoming release of ARPlugin for Nemetschek Vectorworks.

ARPlugin permits to enhance Vectorworks with Augmented Reality: you will be able to visualize your 3D models in a real environment just by using a paper marker and a common camera. Please visit our site (http://www.inglobetechnologies.com) if you want to get a more in-depth view on what AR is and some of its main applications.

Some of the main features of ARPlugin are:

- Custom markers: create custom markers and then use them to display your 3D content in Augmented Reality (AR)

- Custom message: you can enter a custom message which will be displayed during the AR visualization

- Soundtrack: configure a playlist that will be played during the AR visualization

- Export as ARMedia Resource File: save your model and share it with your clients/colleagues. These files can be visualized with the free ARPlayer (available on our website at http://www.inglobetechnologies.com/armedia_player.php) even without having Vectorworks installed

- Layers Management: organizing your model into different layers will enable you to display each one of it indipendently in real-time

- Real-time Shadows: choose a light which will cast shadows on 3D objects to create more realistic sceneries

- Real-time Sectioning: manage up to 6 clipping planes to perform real-time sectioning of your models.

If you use Vectorworks 2012 and are interested in becoming a beta-tester, please send an e-mail to


Kindest Regards,

Gioacchino @ Inglobe Technologies

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