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VectorWorks Races Forward with

G5 Compatibility

Columbia, Maryland (October 15, 2003)? Nemetschek North America announced today the results of the company?s internal speed tests comparing the performance of VectorWorks 10.5 running on Apple Computer?s new Power Mac? G5, the world?s fastest personal computer featuring the first 64-bit desktop processor and the industry?s first 1 GHz front-side bus, versus Apple?s older G4 machines.

Sean Flaherty, Chief Technology Officer, Nemetschek North America, stated, "The results of our internal G5 compatibility and speed tests were very impressive. VectorWorks runs dramatically faster on these new machines. Compared to Apple?s dual 1.25Mhz G4 machine, the new single processor G5 1.8 GHz machine (the mid-range G5 model) redraws twice as fast, renders three times as fast and performs solids modeling operations nearly five times faster. For users with older G4 machines, the gains are even more impressive. For example, users running 733 Mhz G4 can expect see an eight fold increase in performance for some solids modeling operations."

For more information on the results of our VectorWorks 10.5 speed text please, visit www.nemetschek.net/news/G5.html

Apple ignited the personal computer revolution in the 1970s with the Apple II and reinvented the personal computer in the 1980s with the Macintosh. Apple is committed to bringing the best personal computing experience to students, educators, creative professionals and consumers around the world through its innovative hardware, software and Internet offerings.

Nemetschek North America (formerly Diehl Graphsoft) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of European software giant Nemetschek AG. A global leader in design technologies, Nemetschek N.A. has developed CAD software for the personal computer since 1985. VectorWorks, our flagship product, is one of the world's best selling CAD products and is available in over 85 countries and is translated in 14 languages. The VectorWorks Industry Series is a line of products designed specifically to meet the needs of designers in the fields of AEC, entertainment and landscape design. For more information, visit www.nemetschek.net

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We have a mixed PC and Mac environment here, I got a G5 1.8 mz single processor about two weeks ago specifically because of the lengthy calculation times in VW as my models increased in complexity. I would have gone for the dual processor, but I was shooting for a deadline and they weren't shipping yet.

The performance reports for this system on the NNA site are, if anything, understated. At least they seem so to one who waited a long time to upgrade and thus was using a slower system than the ones they are comparing to. A complex render I did for comparison took 4.5 minutes on my old G4-500 mz, on the G5 it was done in just over ten seconds. Other processes are comparably improved. And it's quiet, too. I can't decide which I'm happier with- the G5 or the 23" LCD display- both provide tremendous improvements in productivity. Now I'm glad waited so long to upgrade.


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