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Arrow heads types and text tracking


The standard arrow head types, set by the attribute default menu, although probably practical, are now very boring, increase the arrow head style choice or make the current selection more user configurable.

Has anyone after importing an AutoCAD drawing wondered why the text, although mapped to the same font type, appears never to precisely match the look it would have if viewed in AutoCad, i.e. usually the text line is wider spaced in VW, oftentimes overflowing beyond the boundary of its title block or graphic text box. The reason I have found is that AutoCad text (non truetype fonts, usually) also have a style definition which contains the amongst other things the % horizontal text spacing. For some reason most AutoCAD users set this to at about 75% to 80%. If VW also had inter-character word spacing (also know as tracking) this could be avoided. Word and many other programs have this feature so it must be fairly easy to implement i.e. licence some code to do more with text. Implementing subscript and superscript would also be much appreciated.

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grea idea, very handy

like all text attributes should be definalbe as a class default.

so that a classes can have a default text style.

and therefore making it easier to produce good looking documents in cross-platfrom world.

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