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VW 10 scroll wheel

Dan Kessler


I'm glad VectorWorks 10 now supports the scroll wheen on my mouse. Although, I'm a little disappointed with how it works.

Specifically, I don't want to have to hold down modifier keys to get it to do what I want. I'd like to have the scroll wheel zoom in and out instead of pan up and down. The zoom should center itself wherever the cursor is. And, I'd like to have the scroll wheel pan when clicked and held while dragging.

This is how the scroll wheel is supported in AutoCAD. It seems a lot easier to operate than in VectorWorks.

Does anyone know of a way to modify VW's scroll wheel support to be more like AutoCAD's?


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Currently there is no way to modify what the scroll wheel does within VW. I am not aware of any software that would allow you to do this.

The ability to customize this behavior is a good idea.

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See my post on this topic about 20 items down the wish list:


Some users are suggesting that with a Logitech mouse instead of a Microsoft mouse, it does work. I can't confirm this, and it isn't a documented feature.

It certainly doesn't work on a Mac, with a Microsoft mouse.


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No idea about windows, but the main classes that handle code in cocoa (the framework where the applications run) set the way the scrolling behave. Is quite handy: when you program something with a windows you don't need to add any code for thinks like scrolling or copy and paste... is what they call inherence, and our main Superclass NSobject (in objectiveC) and NSwindows describe all that.

You can see on OSX that must of the apps behave the same way, side scrolling holding "shift" or zoom with "control" in drawing windows, even with the very few lines of code you need to display a "Hello World" on a drawing window...

Is not a excuse, you can overwrite any aspect of a super class. But I would guess that if we want all the windows (like layers menu, plugins and others) updated, is the fastest way to go. I still remember the first OSX versions with out scrolling on the main window! I will just say again: thanks very much for the outstanding work you are doing...

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