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  1. I made a symbol from a window with interior and exterior trim which I gleefully planted in many walls of varying thicknesses.

    Then I realized I only wanted to show interior trim but once I shut off a trim it now makes white blank boxes where the trim was..(glee gone!)

    Thanks to all for reading.. Please tell me what I am missing. (I'd add an image but was not sure how)


    Mac OSX

    Vw 12.5

    I know, I know I need to upgrade :)

  2. I am doing as-built drawings (existing conditions) of huge a dutch barn. I measured with a laser every 16" the heights of its ceiling and then laid a good picture of it underneath the VW drawing to check my calculations which worked out close enough. I am trying to draw a clean elevation line and used the 2-d polyline tool (and no I am not savvy enough to use the curved polyline tool).

    I have a pretty nice resemblance but would love to smooth out the polyline. Can someone direct me to a method for that?

    I am still using 12.5 on my Mac book pro

    big thanks for any ideas


  3. thanks Ozzie I will save them for a rainy day and sure hope they are helpful others. I ended up going the old school route printing some rocks of Michaelk's (and Google's) and pasting them in. Client happy for now but I will need these 3-d suckers shortly!



  4. of course you don't! its a dinosaur! but works great for me now (it has to!)

    I am getting this dialogue box when I try to import Sketch up telling me to "open in Rosetta"

    I am in deadline mode and fear screwing my old version of VW up (not sure where the disks are and my burner is not working even if I did know) so will let this go until I get this done.

  5. OMG

    Thank you all so much. Michaelk I love those rocks...I hope I can pay it forward as much as I am grateful for these.

    Would still love to know how to get Sketch up stuff in my models...WOW they sure have a lot of cool things in that 3-d warehouse!

    huge thanks all!


    VW 12.5.2

    Mac OS X 10.6.8

  6. On another post someone suggested to go to Sketch up for some new furniture and fixtures. (It was also recommended to contact manufacturers, dealers of those items..I did but time is not my side for this deadline).

    I did get some cool .skp items but am stumped as to how to get them in my VW draw'g.

    I am using 12.5.1, Mac OSX

    need I download Sketch up and open them there first? ugh!

    ps if anyone can spare an old fashioned chandelier I'd bake you cookies! :)

    thanks all


  7. ...now being green with Sketch up how do i use those .skp files..I do not have sketch up and when I go to import it tells me I cannot import sketch up things with my mac, intel, etc etc.

    big thanks for the ideas!

    I also wrote to Vitra


  8. please direct me to where I may find and download some cool modern furniture and fixtures..still using Knolls and furniture from back in the day and now need something more up to date.



    ps not a lot of cash this job so prefer free ideas if possible

    working with

    ancient VW's version 12.5

    on my mac OSX

  9. Anyone needig to do this please note when I took the pdf's apart figuring I could at least erase the rectangle beyond for better resolution- that was not the case..I had better res with the pdf intact and of course LOCKED in place when I had to write/draw over it.

    little white boxes hid things but I sure wish I could "cut" holes in it.

    making the best of a bad sitch here in the beautiful Catskills :)


  10. Unhappily I lost a file tonight that will not be recovered in time it seems (tomorrow) if ever. So I am going to busy myself with importing the pdf's I took of its pages today into a new drawing to make corrections.

    Does anyone have any clever suggestions on how I can make this easier or more legible (they are all 22x30 @ 300 res) ? it seems files get cumbersome with this practice.

    Or maybe you guys know some things to avoid.



    Mac OSX 10.6.8 with (I know its very wrong) VW 12.3

  11. All my other file open and VW opens just fine. It just crashes after trying to open any of these. All files of this are doing that. I am doing what you say and trying to calm myself into the pdf hell of reworking little notes in there. (not a great remedy but will keep me out of the poor house hopefully). Thanks for being there guys. I will report back after this step is done.

    I just cam back form my engineers office where I had saved the file and may not have shut down my mac all the way.

    (if that adds any info the debacle) Should I send the file to someone with a newer version? to try to see if they can open as the error message says it may be an older version which is weird.

  12. I have been running 12.5 on here a long time and all other files are working FINE! Ugh this is an 11th hour kind of hell with lots of time in, client leaving, engineer ready to go out of the country and I could not write a worse script.

    EVEN the back up files say the same thing ...

    I shot some pdf's but they need fixing... worse to worse I can drag them in and doctor in a new dwg...I will try what you said but honestly I am not the deer in the head lights type but I am in shock and feeling numb

    thanks m

  13. OMG hours of work and now the file will not open! not even the back up copy

    error message says

    failure on attempt to read file. unexpected end of file encountered...click ok

    then it says it could be made by an older version ( I only have one!)

    then it crashes vectorworks.


    Mac OS x 10.6.8

    VW 12.5

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