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  1. Peter: I tried this but could not use the polygon tool with stacked layers, which I need to see the whole building. Realizing it is quick and dirty, do you just wing it, or am I missing simething?

    Wait! Just tried it with the double line polygon. Mahvelous! Still have the stacked layers question, though...



  2. Peter's answer is most helpful, but what if we want to change the glazing, ie to make a screen or lattice appearance? Change the window class texture then restore the jambs with the Special Classes procedure? It would be nice to have glazing in the special classes options list....

  3. I am trying to do a screened in porch. Any ideas on how to do screens? Possibly a costom window? or draw all the framing and extrude a poly line for the panels, give it a texture? Thanks!

  4. So how can you move a door or window in a wall accurately (not just click and drag) without moving the whole wall? IE, grabbing a door and doing ctl-m moves teh wall also.


  5. Thanks for all your replies, and as an english major, I should remember about loses/looses, allthough in this case the formatting is cut loose...bad pun.

    I think I will move it to the wish column. Years ago, we used Cadvance (pre-ACAD v14) which had interactive capabilities with Word and Excel, i.e. the text or spreadsheets were linked to live Word/Excel documents. That is what would be nice, especially since many specs are already written, or come from other sources and takes a lot of time to type them into VW.

    Thanks again.

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