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  1. I also have found it impossible to get the render by components to work what is the trick?

    And I am not to happy with the rendered view in a VP either

  2. I made a slab style with concrete hatch fill for slab & edge thickening and put a 10mm floor cover with solid fill on top, mainly to hide the concrete hatch in plan but the hatch wins for some reason any ideas?

  3. Start in front view create an arc no fill, convert to nurbs.

    Top plan mirror 90? & duplicate in place.

    Duplicate array given distance.

    Left isometric view use Loft surface tool to create the two

    separate nurbs surfaces.

    Click on the first two nurbs curves a red line will appear hit enter or

    click the green tick in the tool bar a window will appear and okay.

    Repeat for the second set of nurbs curves back to top plan and mirror first

    nurbs surface.

    (Sometimes it goes funny, undo repeat the steps but click the next button

    before okaying)

    Have fun

  4. I had a similar problem, could not make a dutch hip in 2011 file had to make the roof in empty file and copy/paste. Just did a little exercise in 2012 (see screen shot) and there is a circumstance when the hip creation button stays grayed out.

    Bug submitted it.

  5. Yes I do everything in 3D and presentation is with viewports on a sheet layer if everything is built correctly, it can be built.

    And a simple render is all that is needed, have some lights to give a bit of depth to the drawing.

    The render show in above image is a FQ with hidden line.

  6. here is your vase back executed with my no 1? suggestion you'll have to see it in FQ render, open GL leaves a gap between vase and object. ( i made the object sweep 360? before going through the steps)

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