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  1. This is a tough question to ask. Having no training as an Arch I'm wondering where I can find info regarding detail, section and other markers and how to number them. In other words - how to label the markers to point to the sheet they are on? tfyh Buz
  2. quote: Originally posted by Hannes: uuups, sorry! on meshes you have to use the 3d cursor, on 3d-polys the 3d reshape tool must work.. Hannes certainly don't have a clue as to how the 3d reshape tool works. to reshape a gable end wall is seemless - but any other 3d shape and the 3d reshape tool does nothing. Extruded rectangles converted to mesh- nothing. Is it broke? extruded rectangles converted to polys (as if they need to be) and still no 3d reshape tool - no modifiers and no reshaping 3d objects.
  3. Hannes So I tried extruding a rectangle and convert to mesh and the 3d tool doesn't work. I was under the impression that an extruded rectangle was a poly. Shouldn't the 3d reshape tool be working? buz
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