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  1. I'm having rouble importing an Excel worksheet into VW 9.5. I tried saving the original in every format, but when I import it into the worksheet all the info lands in the 1st line.

    Can anyone walk me thru this.


  2. I just loaded VW/RW onto my new computer. When I EDIT GROUP it use to bring the group into its own page clearing the rest of the drawing. Now the whole drawing stays, but I can only edit the group I picked. How can I change it back to the way it use to be?

    Thanks for the help.

  3. Mike,

    thanks for your reply. it didn't even occure to me that there was a "Use transparency" option in the prefrences. I don't know how may times I've opend that box & never noticed it.

    I went in and turned it on and it worked for me. So, as far it not working for you, maybe the transparency needs to be set higher on the shader your using.

    Thanks again.

  4. I have created a library of flat 3D people. I imported phots of people into RW, traced them with the polygon tool, extruded them an inch or two. I then take the photo and map it onto the 3D form I created. Since models are flat I create my view and turn the people to the right perspective. The mapping is not always perfect but I can fix it later in photoshop. I dont mean to give a plug here but I got the disk of photos from www.imagecels.com.

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