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  1. Hi Hector, Sorry for the late reply. Please send information to glen@studiodex.com. Thanks!
  2. DEX Studio, studiodex.com, is a small Venice, CA firm that specializes is residential, multi-family and commercial projects. We are seeking a drafter/detailer who is proficient in VW on a part-time remote basis. Candidates must have knowledge of interior / exterior construction for details. Please respond with any questions, I can send you samples of how we typically work.
  3. I am printing from the design layer in VW 2008 and my page boundary shows page breaks within the Letter size page I have selected for my printer. In VW11.5, I could go to Page in the Menu:Page>Set Print Area, and click a single page from the page 'matrix'. This would automatically scale the page boundary to one printable page instead of printing additional pages that I don't want. How can I Set Print Area to one page in the page boundary in VW2008? Please don't tell me that this has to be done manually using Page Setup.
  4. MacPPC OS 10.4.11 VW2008 SP2 I am setting up a new file. When setting the standard viewports for a Floor Plan, for instance, VW runs the script. The layer, class and viewport creation appears to complete successfully, but the process ends with an Vectorscript Error popup. When clicking on the Error Output button, I get: "Error: _0 _161 - Menu cannot be found. Fit to Page Area" I just want to make sure I am not going to foul up a drawing by continuing to work on the file after this error. Thanks for any input.
  5. Thanks all for the input. I see the improvements to the dimension class issues I used to have. VW is moving in the right direction. I will probably employ a combination of methods using classes/layers and viewports for now.
  6. Currently I use a system of classes and layers for the detail sheets. Sometimes that can be problematic when dimensions from another class appear on the wrong sheet since all dimensions default to their own class. I was hoping for something more elegant. Do you use a separate layer for each detail? Do you use a layer for each scale and then re-crop view each viewport you create from that layer?
  7. I really love the viewport functionality for creating multiple views and scales of the same object of a design layer. There is very little information in the manual on actually setting up detail sheets in VW11 using viewports. I am particularly interested in being able to reuse a detail from another project. I have drawn details manually and am not sure how these will work in the new version. I read a suggestion to place the detail on your drawing and make a viewport of it for your sheet. Most of my projects have a number of detail sheets and I am not sure how to organize so many details using the design/sheet w/viewports method. Any direction would help. Thanks! OS 10.3.7, VW11.0.1
  8. Hi Jim, I notice that when I create a sample plan with a wall and window, the id's show in the viewport, at the base of the elevation and not over the window. The id is also missing the polygon around it. Is there any way to modify where the id shows on the elevation, say, for instance in the middle of the window in elevation?
  9. I am trying to display the ID Labels for the windows of my project in the viewports I have created for my Elevations. When I display the viewport for the elevation, the ID labels do not show, which is okay, I guess. Can anyone suggest to me how to display an ID label on Viewports without creating an ID lable manually with a hexagon or circle with text in it via the Viewport Annotations function? VW11.0.1 OS 10.3.5
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