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  1. Hello everyone: I would like to read some ideas about what would be the VW workflow from the very conceptual phase , to the creation of construction documents.

    Do you use 3d free modelling, and then use that model as a reference?, is it better to insert a sketch image ? or you just start modeling straight building elements .  Or maybe just start creating the idea with the 2D tools, then, transition to 3D.



  2. hace 1 hora, E|FA dijo:

    @Renato There are people working successfully with Stories and without Stories.  It's a personal preference, but should also be influenced by the type of work you do.  For my purposes (custom single family residences) not using them was the clear winner.  If I was doing multi-story buildings I'm guessing I would have chosen otherwise.  There are several other threads on this topic.  I think this one is a good place to start and links to the others:


    Yes, I was able to model my first (small) residential project in VW using just 2 design layers and a bunch of classes. No stories by now. So far so good. This forum has been a great source of knowledge!

  3. hace 6 horas, zoomer dijo:

    At the time in the long past when Levels in VW were released,

    I immediately asked for Level control in Story Settings in a way

    that I always understood Story Levels :


    "Default" Level means something like "Standard" or "Template" Level,

    If you change the Template, all Templates used in Stories will follow.

    Just like Symbols, change one - change all.



    That would be a great addition. Something like applying "Level configuration styles" to each level.

    Hey Jonathan, I enjoy a lot your videos on youtube. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hello everyone, I'm an architect and a begginer VW user. My previous experience is with Revit. I was through a lot of tutorials and gained some basic knowledge. When I started watching the BIM tutorials I was very confused.

    My question is very simple. What is the "right" or preferred BIM workflow in VW?. Layers or Stories?. Layers can have elevation, wall height, etc. But stories too!  And to complicate things even more, stories can create additional layers (levels) . It seems also that walls top and bottom attachments can be controlled in both ways.

    Coming from Revit(which is a level based software), this can be very confusing. Thanks in advance.

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