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  1. Hello Greg,


    the practice where I’m employed is looking for upgrading to the latest version and is selling some Architect and Fundamental licenses from 2011 to 2016.


    2016 version works on Macs running up to High Sierra and Windows Pc up to Win10.


    Please get in contact on francesco@cbarchitects.co.uk if interested.


    Best regards,


  2. Good afternoon, 


    My practice is considering upgrading the hardware and software and we are thinking to sell out current Vectrorworks licenses.


    Does anybody know if we can sell single licenses or if we need to transfer the whole group of licences all together ?

    If the first applied we may consider start selling 2/3 single fundamental licenses before upgrading to 2021.


    Please let me know if anybody could be interested and which is the market value for a 2016 Fundamental and Architect license.



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