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  1. Just worked it out. Isn't that often the way. I needed to turn off the class WD-Ceiling.
  2. I'm pleased that WinDoor is now available as a plugin to Vectorworks in the UK. Does anyone know how to change the settings so that the wall lines are cut in 2D view like you get with the standard door tool in VW? I've used a simple swing door as an example. I am using it for a Bifold door, hence using WinDoor.
  3. Is the plant tool available in VW Architect? I can see looks of interesting ways of creating planting without needing to place plants individually, but I can not see this in the Tool Sets palette so assuming its not available? Sorry, this is may be a stupid question but I'm struggling to find a definitive answer.
  4. Thanks for all the suggestions. Good to know what is and isn't possible in VW. The explanations of the 2 viewports helped, particularly @AlanW screenshots and vwx. files to be able to see the settings I was missing. Thanks all.
  5. Thanks @Dave Donley. That was one of my thoughts but the overlaid viewport has a solid white fill or background to all, so it masks the OpenGL viewport, and vice-versa. I might be missing something simple.
  6. Hi, Is there a way to add cut shadows to floorplans whilst keeping the general look like a Top/Plan view? Below is the sort of thing I would like to achieve. I have searched to see if there is a similar topic but can't find what I'm looking for. I have tried playing with the clip cube but I loose the simple line drawing with door swings, etc. I'm new to the forum so apologies if I've posted in the wrong place or any other mistakes. Thanks.
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