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  1. Hi there. I´ve just decided to use a Wacom Cintique 22 for my office and I was quite nervous how it would work with VW to be honest.

    After 4 weeks of use I could say that it is a very comfortable and fast way of working. At the beginning it was feeling a little strange,

    but after a few hours of use it was absolutely intuitive and I loved it. 

    I´ve purchased the Wacom 3D pen and configured the buttons to be the move hand and the scroll in/out function and what should I

    say? Perfect for me. Drwaing is faster, more precise and more interactive than ever before. I often had an aching shoulder after a long

    day in the office, but with the movement on the screen it is much better.

    Before I´ve decided to go for the monitor, I´ve searched for a comment like this, but never found one. So I hope to help all out there

    having the same issue. :-)

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