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  1. On 3/20/2019 at 9:46 AM, Gaspar Potocnik said:

    You need something that outputs dmx, depending on the brand of consoles you get some free Chanels, but I believe there is no console manufacturer that will let you output unlimited channels...


    That being said, for MA Lighting you have two options, if you want to use GrandMA 1 or 2 OnPC you need to download the ESP Vision Connection Driver from MA website (https://www.malighting.com/downloads/products/grandma2/) which only runs on Windows (so your Vision also has to run on Windows), and allows you to use MA NET to connect to Vision and has no limit in the amount of fixtures you can control. The other option is to use GrandMA Dot2 onPC, which has one free universe through Artnet or sACN. 


    I believe Chamsys also has a free universe, not sure on the rest of the manufacturers.

    So if I only need one universe to run my show... I can just use GrandMA Dot2 onPC connected with a USB to 3pin dmx out, and that should work without any MA hardware or the use of Vision and their dongle. Am I correct? If so, is one dmx out enough? Or would I need to out for some reason? thanks!

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