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  1. Thanks. How do you make the origin consistant though? Haven't figure that out in 9 or 10. Workgroup Reference is still cumbersome because of the multiple steps. Is there any reason that shouldn't be just one step instead of two?
  2. Is it possible to purchase the Architect components to add onto the base VW app. or is that an upgrade process?
  3. In my version of 9.5.1 I can draw a line through a wall, select both and then type CTRL-T. I get a little hand and click on the intersecting line and the wall is broken at that intersection. Same process works for lines intersecting lines and lines. I've never used the "Workspace Editor" and CTRL-T brings up the Format Text dialog box for me.
  4. I am using the join tool and I have the toggle set to T just like I did in v.9. In all previous versions (at least since v.6) the T join would also extend walls to one another and create the desired L intersection with no problem. Now I see that the engineering has been screwed up on the v.10 tool so you actually have to use the L intersect for L's and the T for T's. Too bad it got more complicated. The old way worked just fine. The new costs time.
  5. No specific functions or actions taken. The times that it happened, I actually wasn't even using the app. I had gone off to do something else and returned to my desk only to find a message that there was a problem and the program would be closed. Nothing specific in the error message or the error report that XP send off to Microsoft.
  6. What happened? Now there's NO way to trim a wall to a crossing line? Please correct me if I'm wrong (and I hope I am). Why would you take away the Ctrl-T trim command and make it Text instead? Why do the keyboard shortcuts change with every update anyway?
  7. Drawing walls in Version 10.1 with AutoJoin option enabled. Walls join fine. If I move the walls apart and then try to rejoin them, it just won't do it. Tried the MiniCAD 6 trick of "cleaning" the ends (resetting to defuault end conditions) and then rejoining them. That didn't work either.
  8. Version 10.1 installed on a PC running Win XP Pro with all the RAM you could want. Program "Stops" unexpectedly and for unknow reason. Just drops you out with no opportunity to save. May be related to AutoSave function but I'm not sure of that.
  9. I feel strongly that one should be able to produce a plan in one file and then reference that file into another drawing to add layers of information or show more detail. Unfortunately, the current Workgroup Reference function doesn't allow you to change scale, rotate or move the referenced object. Actually, you can rotate, move and change scale but all is lost as soon as the reference is updated. And God forbid that the paper size/origin has been changed! The whole reference will land in a different spot altogether! See wish list item "Absolute, Unchanging Origin".
  10. Every drawing should have a fixed, unchanging origin regardless of what paper or printer is selected. Eliminate the guesswork.
  11. Three years ago I started a new job and had to learn AutoCAD. Now I'm back to Vectorworks and I'm realizing how much I miss what I think is a really straight-forward drawing concept. In ACAD and ADT one draws everything full scale and then makes "Viewports" to show those same drawings at different scales. Makes it really easy to arrange drawing sheets. Finally, when everything is organized and the viewport scales set, you dimension it all.
  12. Wouldn't it be great if you could create a group of wall styles? One could build all of the commonly used wall representations, complete with fills, cavities and pre-assigned (but editable) thicknesses. Pick your type and draw!
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