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  1. I think I figured it out. It actually has something to do with when i created the symbol for the chair within the drawings. When I create the symbol in a blank new drawing and pull it into this drawing it seems to work fine without creating a 3rd symbol and editing it. Now the table is one symbol and the chairs are another and show correctly in both the plan and ortho view.
  2. I made 1 symbol out of the table and chairs and selected to edit the 3D component but it does not let me move the chairs individually.
  3. Thanks, this does seem like a lot of extra work compared to other BIM programs where the 2D matches the 3D. It is not letting me rotate the 3D object in ortho view right on the screen. It only lets me put in a number and then it rotates way off the page. I guess I am just still confused how Vectorworks functions compared to what I am used to. Do you know of a video showing how to do this?
  4. I am new to Vectorworks and I am playing with importing 3D models from Sketchup and creating a hybrid object so that the 2D is simplified. I attached some screenshots where for some reason the 2D position of the objects does not match the 3D. I am not sure how this happened or why.
  5. I am new to Vectorworks. Is there a way to reduce the lines on a hybrid model? I had imported a Sketchup model of a chair, created a symbol from it, and converted from 3D to 2D drawing . It is still busy looking. Attached is an image.
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