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  1. Art V - thank you for your suggestion.


    I downloaded and installed the converter (Windows version).


    It opens and displays the file OK - which is a major step forward - at least I now know that the files are valid and I can see what they contain.


    But when I do 'Save-As', the only option is to save as a .mcd file, and when I try to open that saved file with the VectorWorks Viewer it still says it is too old.


    Maybe I need to go back and find an older version of the Viewer?

  2. Hello there,


    I have inherited a number of MiniCAD .mcd files, which I would like to view and (ideally) save to PDF.


    I don't know what version of MiniCAD they were created with, but I think they were drawn in 2002.


    When I try the latest Vectorworks viewer, it seems to recognise them, but then says that they are in too old a format.


    Is there a tool available to convert old .mcd files to a later Vectorworks format?


    is there a byte sequence or something in the file which will tell me which version it was created with?


    I've read other similar posts on here but they are all from many years ago.


    Thanks and Regards,





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