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  1. If you are going for hyper realism, especially in animation, you need a render that allows separate passes that you can later on retouch in either 2D such as Photoshop or 3D/Motion compositor such as Fusion. That's utterly important for our school anyway. So far we've figure out few workarounds thanks to VW's extremely flexible export options.


    Here are few renders we use


    Keyshot - great for fast and quality interior shots - great for hyper realistic cloth material render thanks to new Realcloth material - superfast with RTX GPU support - Supports passes (limited compared to other renders)

    Vray Next - for very obvious reasons if you are into product or presentation industry

    Octane - the best I've used so far personally - ultrasonic fast - unbiased - PBR - volumetric lights and scattering in blink of an eye - render out all the passes you can imagine - because it's ultrasonic fast rendering custom camera motion is so simple.


    I'm pretty sure all three renders would pick up VW as soon as VW opens up. Happy to hear about Redshift, even though it's significantly different from Octane in workflow but we would never miss out on the opportunity to learn new tools


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  2. If this helps Octane Standalone plays very well with FBX export, it's so straight forward. Sure you will need to build your materials from scratch or use their LiveDB to find some good starting points like in any new renderer.


    What we do in class is look development and scene visualization for VFX, we don't use VW for technical architecture but for quick architectural design drafting when creating scenes and that's something VW excels at unlike Archicad/Revit and even your usual suspects such as C4D/3Dmax. Our workflow relies on rendering somewhere else instead of Renderworks so we pretty much got it where we need it, we don't bother with renderworks textures we just apply solid fills for better ID purposes. If you happen to have C4D then export is straight forward and you can do whatever you want with it but we don't use that for one reason or the other. So far we had huge success with Octane Standalone for both exterior and interior and with Keyshot in interior scenes. Keyshot has a nice feature of updating the geometry when reimporting the FBX/3DS from VW which gives you a leeway to go back to VW and make some changes while retaining material information. We even had a great deal of success with Clarisse when it comes to scattering the VW model all over the place for nice cityscape wide shots. 

  3. On ‎1‎/‎4‎/‎2019 at 4:33 AM, jakez said:

    @AJ Roslevich Yes I think I followed those instructions to a tee; still no dice. The one piece that was missing for me was finding the old version of the installer. It is located within the unpacked folder/resources/installer folders. VW tech support helped me with and had it going tickity-boo in no time.


    This is THE SOLUTION for the "Not enough space" installer problem.


    I had the same issue with upgrading 17 to 19 and this did the trick. I would guess there is some issue in installer skin of the original installer.

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