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  1. We are running Yosemite on our machines, and would like to upgrade from VWX 2014, although 2015+ isnt officially supported on Yosemite, does anyone have any experience of using 2015, 2016 or 2017 on Yosemite ?
  2. How "strict" are the new minimum graphics requirements for VWX >2016 for 2d work ? The majority of our work is all in 2d. We do some simple 3d work for bathroom setting out drawings, this consists of using the wall and door tool to draw a room, then populating it with pre built 3d shapes to represent sanitary ware, we then create section viewports and add dimensions in the annotation layer. We have a license for 2017 but we currently use 2014 as with the latest versions ive read the system requirements say you need 1gb of graphics memory. Most of out computers are Mac Minis with 2.5ghz i5 CPU, 16gb ram, and inbuilt intel graphics. Based on the above outline of our work, would this be ok ? Are the minimum system requirements for graphics more related to the 3d marinate and BIM features ? To pre-empt the answer "Why dont you just try it." I would but i dont want to have to upgrade my live files to 2017 only to find that they dont work and then have to downgrade a whole bunch of folders.
  3. Is it possible to format text within a call out box, eg have some words in "bold red" and others in "regular black" ?
  4. Thanks rDesign i gave it a try in Cloudcompare and got the same result (see attached) which leads my to believe its an issue with the file rather than VWX. I also tried importing another point cloud file from another surveyor and that worked fine once imported into VWX. So it does seem like the file is the issue, ill work with the surveyor to try and get a new one.
  5. Ive been sent a XYZ point cloud file by a surveyor that im having trouble working with in VWX Architect 2017. When i open it up it seems like its just a flat panoramic image rather than a 3d point cloud, is there some view / rendering setting i need to toggle on to get it to work properly ? Ive attached 2 screenshots of what im getting with this file below.
  6. Its set to 300dpi, which i know from my graphics background is a print press ready DPI, perhaps too high for cad drawings for site issue. Only problem is on our title block with have some company logos which are .png files, when i reduce the DPI it reduces the quality of our logos, which because they are small already and contain text and line work, begin to look bad. Ive got the original adobe illustrator files for the logos which i can export as a .EPS or even a .DWG, so i could import them into my title block as a vector shape. Only issue is because they contain text i fear the VWX might try and truncate the curves of some letters like O and D and make it appear jagged. Would that happen ? Or is there another way to set the DPI settings separately for separate items ? --- VWX 2014
  7. Where we have to markup photos as part of a presentation, we import them into vwx as a jpeg / png as relevant, place them on the sheet layer and red line, markup annotate them etc. The issue is when we come to PDF them, the file size is often HUGE, the most recent one with 4 c. 2mb jpegs taken from an iphone6 became a 90mb PDF when published. My current workflow is to then import these into Adobe acrobat and compress them, making sure the image quality is set to 150DPI, which leaves me with a file size of around 2-5mb. Is there a way i can get the compression to happen as part of the PDF publishing process native in VWX ? --- VWX 2014.
  8. Ive recently done a clean install of the operating system on my mac. I also deleted the old files recently from the backup drive as they where no longer needed on there. I had my VWX license installed on my old machine, but i didnt uninstall it first, will i have issues installing it now on my newly installed opperating system ? If so is there a work around to free up the license ?
  9. Ive recently tried to install VWX 2014 on a new machine and i got the following error when entering my serial number (see attached screenshot) any ideas what this means / how to resolve this ? Although the screenshot is from vwx 2017, this is from a trial i downloaded as i was seeing if the issue was with my computer (which it seems to be). I get the same issue with 2014 using my own serial number. I know the screenshot says to contact the sales rep, but they are now closed for the holidays so wondered if anyone had experience of this error ?
  10. Is there a way to have multiple simultaneous views of a 3d model while in the design layer ? Im setting out the internals of a data cabinet and i need to make sure that everything fits in, in 2 planes, both the front facade, but also depth wise. Ive tried doing it in 3d and keep changing the the view, and also tried drawing in 2d with a front and side elevation and manually keeping them in sync, but both processes are a bit tedious, i would love to be able to do it in 3d and have 2 views that are both live updating and editable at the same time. Is this possible ?
  11. Im trying to add a hyperlink (a piece of text that when clicked on takes you to a website, rather than just a 'naked' URL) to a website in a piece of text added to a sheet layer so that when i PDF the sheet layer the link is hyperlink is clickable from the PDF, but im pretty lost as to how to do this in VWX.. any ideas ? Thanks
  12. My setup uses 2 screens : 1) inbuilt 15" macbook pro screen, 2) 22" external monitor. I use both screens at the same time. Every time i open VWX all of the tool pallets (obj info, basic tools, navigation etc..) are in front of my main drawing window all grouped on my 22" external monitor, what i then do is transfer all of the pallets to the macbook pro screen and leave my main drawing window on the 22" monitor. Only issue is that every time i close VWX or unplug the external monitor it loses all the positions and i have to manually move everything again, i can see how to save the palette positions, but not how to recall them after.. any ideas ? --- OSX - 10.10.5 VWX 2014 SP5
  13. Is it possible to have different sentences / paragraphs / blocks of text in different classes within the same call out box, so that we can hide sentences / paragraphs / blocks of text on a class by class basis. Eg. I have a drawing that i want to present both to a client and to our in house workshop, their are some pricing / production notes that i dont want the client to see, but everything that the client sees id like the workshop to see. So id like the 1st sentence in the call out box to be in a class "notes - for client" and the 2nd sentence in the call out box to be in a class "notes - for workshop". When published, the client pdf / viewport would have the "notes - for workshop" class off, the workshop pdf / viewport would have both classes on. Is that possible or is there another way to achieve something similar ?
  14. How can we copy over our profile footers from the old forum ? Dont mind coping and pasting them, but i couldnt see where to add them into the new profiles ?
  15. Our surveyor is about to send us a .RCP point cloud file which he advises is openable in Autocad ReCap. We run VWX 2014 Designer and are all on OSX (a mixture of 10.10.5 and 10.8.5 across different machines). Can a .RCP file be opened in VWX 2014 Designer ? If not can we upgrade to a newer version of VWX which will allow us to, if so which version would we need : 2015,16,17 ?
  16. Im running vwx14 designer on a OSX10.10 mac. If it want to move an object and type in the distance that i want it to move i have to use the number keys above the main keyboard (not the numeric keypad). I understand that the numeric keypad is by default assigned to shortcuts, can i change this to use it a numeric keypad and lose the shortcut functions ?
  17. Thanks Zoomer, Although its a logitech mouse its a pretty basic one, rather than a custom button / gaming mouse. This is the mouse we have, we are using the same model of mouse on other OSX machines where the pan function works with the centre button - https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00KXY29CK/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Becuase its a basic mouse it dosnt come with its own configuration software, rather its just plug and play. Any ideas if this is the case ?
  18. Ive just setup a new machine running vwx designer 14, the machine is a mac using a logitech mouse. Ive had this setup before and i was able to click and hold down the mouse wheel to pan the drawing, as well as using the mouse wheel to zoom in / out. But on this new machine i cant seem to get the mouse wheel hold down pan to work, just the zoom. (i can pan by holding the space bar) Any ideas how i can enable the mouse wheel hold down pan ?
  19. Found the answer by a bit of trial and error. This can be done by Modify > Convert > Convert to Lines
  20. We've got a 3d model from a 3rd party as a dwg format that ive imported into vwx 14 designer. Ive created section viewports of certain parts of the house, from these is is possible to save / export the section viewports as CAD 2d elevations where we could move the lines around by hand (obviously the model wouldnt update from these cahanges but thats what were looking for)
  21. We use dropbox for file sharing in our office and from time to time we get conflicted files (a conflicted file in dropbox is when 2 people have the same file open and try to save it at the same time, dropbox then dosnt know which is the correct copy, so creates a conflict copy - we are normally pretty good at making sure no one has the same file open but it still happens occasionally). Is there an automated way in vectoroworks to be able to diff check the files to see the differences ?
  22. Ive got a wireframe model of a bathroom mirror. I created it by drawing a circle and then extruding it. When i view the model in wireframe mode in the design layer it looks fine, but when i view it in a viewport on a sheet layer. It is compressed into a 7 sided heptagon. How can i tell vwx to draw a more line count circle so its more circular ? Please see below images from 1) design layer 2) once exported to viewport
  23. We have a 3 person team working on drawings, all running vwx Designer 2014 on OSX 10.8 - 10.10. We share drawings via a shared Dropbox folder and for different people to be able to work in different parts of the project at the same time we cross reference the drawings. In our project drawings folder we have a set of drawings like this : MASTER.vwx c. 50mb (contains GIAs) FURNITURE SETTING OUT.vwx c. 12mb (cross references the plans from furniture details and places them in the relevant spaces on a cross referenced version of the MASTER, also contains free standing furniture(sofas, tables etc in the design layer)) FURNITURE DETAILS.vwx c. 50mb (contains detailed joinery drawings for kitchens, wardrobes etc) LIGHTING + SMALL POWER c. 12mb (cross references the FURNITURE SETTING OUT (which cross references the furinture details) and the MASTER. lighting rcps and small power setting out done in the design layer FLOORING c. 12mb (cross references the FURNITURE SETTING OUT (which cross references the furinture details) and the MASTER. flooring setting out done in the design layer When we cross reference a drawing we import the design layer or a crop of the design layer from one file as a cross referenced viewport and place that viewport on its own design layer in the new file. For instance if we cross referenced MASTER.vwx into FLOORING.vwx the flooring file would have a design layer called "import master" where the reference viewport would live. We would then create a new design layer called "Flooring" in the FLOORING.vwx file and work on the flooring in there. (this is where it gets laggy) For the cross referencing its self we use : - a relative path (as we need to do this as the full path changes on different users computers) - save referenced cache to disk is disabled - automaticly update out of date reference is checked y default - update class definitions for referenced symbol is checked We have found that some of the drawings such as LIGHTING + SMALL POWER.vwx and FLOORING.vwx that cross reference multiple files become very slow and laggy as you pan around them, is there any way we could keep make these files less laggy ? -- UPDATE After googling i tried to download vwx 2016 to see if it would resolve the issue but dosnt Ive also checked to see if i had VectorCaching and Enhanced Navigation Graphics (as my machine is of a high enough spec to run both) but both where already enabled
  24. Is there a way to set a hyperlink in a document like the below : "This is my text and i only want part of it to be a hyperlink" At the moment using the hyperlink tool under dims and notes, i can insert a hyper link but its a stand alone link, not a link embedded in text like the above, it wouldnt be such a problem as i could just have a text block and leave a space then place the stand alone hyperlink (not ideal but at least a work aorund, but i dont seem to be able to edit the size or colour of it ? Is that even possible ?
  25. Thanks Jim & Art V Ive set the PPI for the images when exporting, ive trial sizes for 100, 72, 36 PPI but each time they always come out at 18.7mb regardless of what i set here ? Something ive noticed is that it dosnt seem to compress the images at all, rather the only image it seems to compress is our logo which is a .png in our title block that sits in our sheet layer, where as the main images (the ones that weigh the most are sitting in the design layer and are captured via a viewport) Any ideas ? Ive attached a screenshot of the option panel below
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