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  1. Hi, I'm using a mac and vw2013. I have been building a roof in 3d. I have some dormer windows to build but they are not simple. The window does from the roof ( in front view) into the wall of the from of the house, so they are not in the attic. The windows are in the bedroom so the roof is low, therefore the windows are in the wall and the roof. Sorry it's complicated to explain but is simple when looking at it. When I build the dormer window, the window stays in the roof area, is there a way to edit it so the window is sittings in the wall and the roof ? Pls help am in serious deadline.
  2. Thanks, I have your book and the 3d modelling book. I will try to change the working plane. Susanne
  3. I have VW fundamentals 2013
  4. Im new to this forum but have a little experience in VW. I thought that this particular project would be easy but its proving difficult. I have a DWG file, I have imported it and have been using it to make a 3d model. I have extruded the g.f plan. The problem is that the whole file is in top plan. I need to extrude the roof but i need it to be in front view or right/left view. if i copy and paste it, it always shows up as top plan, i have tried moving the axis, but i dont really know what im doing !! can anyone give me a literal step by step guide. I would really appreciate the help !! S


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