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  1. I didn't catch that the G5 was a duallie, but since the P4 would be at least a $1000 cheaper that's not really apples to apples is it? Take a look at this site:


    It lists benchmarks for Cinebench which uses another multi-threaded raytrace renderer and is the most relevent benchmark I am aware of. The dual G5 2.0 scores about 520 if the app were optimised for the G5 which neither C4D or VW/RW are. The single p4 3.2 scores about 385. But if you compare a comperably priced dual xeon the Intel machines win every time. OS preference aside, the P4 w/HT is the best bang for the buck with multi-threaded raytrace rendering.

    I also did some speed tests way back when:


    The gist of it was that VW/RW is not optimised for the G4 or G5 and processor clock speed rules.

  2. Both of these computers would be very nice to work with. There is no inherent advantage to using a mac with vectorworks and for RenderWorks tasks a 3.2 GHz PC will defininitely be faster than a 2 GHz mac.

    One other thing worth noting is that RW11 now supports dual processors and the P4 w/HT enabled will be recognized as 2 processors and will give a speed increase of about 20% over a non HT processor.

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  3. I think you need to model the frame first. Use the NURBS curve tool to trace the top edge of the skin. Use the 3D reshape tool to get the vertices in the right place vertically. THen duplicate the curve and move it down the desired height of the skin and use the 3d reshape tool to move the vertices again to make it wider at the bottom. Then use the loft tool to make it solid.

  4. Don't try and work on old projects that you did with R1. The scale and location of the objects is different and their relation to other VectorWorks folders and anything that was added in Cinema will be way off. This is a HUGE frustration! I am going to have to switch back and forth between the two versions for quite some time!!!!!!

    Is there something I am missing here?

  5. Thanks for the reply - I'm REALLY hard to insult. I was hoping for a quick way to change a bunch of objects that all have the same hatch as a fill. Seems like there should be a way to just rotate the whole hatch in the hatch editor but I guess not.

  6. What you may be experiencing is that lines are 2d objects in VW. The do not occupy a position in 3d space and will always be in the same place on your screen regardless of the view. You have to create your 2d objects in one view and then make them 3d objects before orienting them in 3d space.

  7. The only thing I can offer is to double check and make sure that you are opening it with C4D 8.5 as this will happen if you try and open a file created with the R2 plug in with 8.2.

    Also open your prefences in C4D 8.5 and check and see if there is an option for scaling. This will indicate that it is the correct R2 plug in and installed correctly.

  8. Thanks for the reply. Ray converted the file and sent it to me so I am all set. I am ready to upgrade to 11 but am waiting for some reassurance that the C4D exchange R2 will work with V11. So far the sales depts at NNA and and Maxon haven't been sure. I also thought it would be a good idea to wait for the .5 release.

    Many thanks

  9. quote:

    Originally posted by O'Keefe:

    My boss already talked to the guy that helps with our server/computer needs... and he is suggesting that to speed up renderings we should look into a new graphics card.

    Getting a faster graphics card will only affect your Open GL rendering and screen redraw rate. It will not help with any of the other rendering modes whatsoever.

  10. Just to be clear... The plug in is not developed by Maxon but by a third party, so they probably can't legally give it away and were just talking about $50 here. Although I wish the plug went much farther than it does and am dissappointed that more of the issues were not addressed, I still firmly believe that this is the best rendering option for me and think that Maxon is no more or less loyal to it's customers than NNA (remember VW 9.0.0!!!!)

  11. I have a drawing created in autoCAD. I open it in AC and it looks like this:


    When I import it to VW it looks like this:


    Everything is just a bunch of 3d loci. All layers and classes are on and set to show/snap/modify others. I have tried everything I can think of for saving as in AC and importing options in VW. I know very little about AC but do know that the file is 3d and everything is a block reference. Please help.

    Many thanks

  12. For those of you that use this combination:

    I have it working now and I'm a little dissapointed. The only big difference is that VW symbols become C4D instances which is a huge thing for me. Other smaller differences are: exporting is now MUCH faster (probably due to not having to convert symbols to polys, you can rearrange the heirarchy in C4D and it will maintain your order after updating, there is also a new plug in that will globally replace all of your VW materials with C4D materials from a reference file. I think thats it.

    Stuff they didn't fix: Scale is still wrong unless you use Centimeters in both VW and C4D. In the export dialog you still can't see any of the files that you have previously exported. After importing, the VW container still takes the name of the VW file, not the name that you chose while exporting and objects in the container are not listed alphabetically. Imported geometry still has its object axis at 0,0,0, regardless of where the geometry is located - that one drives me crazy. Oh well, it is what it is and I'll take it because of support for symbols. Dissapointing that they didn't fix any of these other things.

  13. Although it has not been officially announced anywhere that I have seen, the updated R2 of the Cinema 4D exchange is available from Maxon USA. It is supposed to fix the bugs and support VW symbols. I got the disk today but it requires C4D 8.5 and I only have 8.2 so now I have to wait for the upgade CD to come in a couple of days. I'll let you all know how it works ASAP. [smile][smile][smile]

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