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  1. There are a lot of talented RW users here who will be able to help. Unfortunately I'm not one of them as I stopped using it years ago and promptly forgot everything I once knew.

    Not using spotlight might be a blessing in disguise. It the most frustrating and least updated module by far. There are still bugs present that were in 9.0.1.

    It will be interesting to see what you can get out of it given your skill with other packages. Good luck!

  2. It would be a huge improvement to spotlight users. Right now it is impossible to do this in VW/RW and this is exactly what spotlight users want to see. It would probably cost more because the rendering engine is licensed from Lightworks and they would have to upgrade to a more advanced package from them.


    height="669" alt="Image Hosted by ImageShack.us" />

  3. Hey, What are you doing here? I stopped using renderworks at version 9.5 and started using C4D and haven't looked back but it is really not fair comparing VW and C4D it's like comparing Photoshop and Excel. They are completely different and designed to do completely different things and compliment each other very well. If you want to compare VW rendering to something comparable compare it to rendering in AutoCAD - YIKES. I think most of the users of renderworks spend the majority of thier time drafting and occasionally do a rendering. They probably can't dedicate the time to learn a whole new workflow but if you can, options are there. In renderworks is is super easy to slap on the included materials, throw in a few lights and click render. What you get is a reasonable representation of the drawing in perspective with colors. You're not going to convince anyone that it's a photograph but that is not always needed.

  4. I agree that this would be a huge improvement to Spotlight rendering. However, since Spotlight hasn't been really updated since 9.0.1. I am afraid that we are not a very high priority and since we would be the primary users of this feature I am not hopeful. If you need to see your beams or control gobo focus you can use Cinema 4D.

  5. I would like to be able to duplicate an entire sheet layer with print settings and viewports. Then when you are doing multiple veiws of a model you could just edit the crop of the viewport and you're done. Much easier that creating a new sheet layer, setting up printing options and pasting the viewports.

  6. YES! [big Grin]

    I didn't even think to check that. For some reason I thought that the sheet layers worked like saved sheets where they remember your class settings. It seems sort of awkward that you can have classes invisible on your sheet layer but visible on the viewport and vice versa. But I'll take it! I still love these viewports now that I have them back again.

  7. I am having this problem now. I had 5 sheets each with 2 viewports. I made extensive edits to the design layers including adding classes. I went back to update the viewports and every one of them is gone on every sheet. They are not "out in space" if I do a select all on the sheet it selects nothing. I am reluctant to set them all up again now when I can do basically the same thing with saved sheets but I WANT the viewports to work again. Can someone from NNA please comment on this? Please.

  8. I use both VectorWorks and C4D every day and do camera flythroughs. They are both very good programs that will ultimately do what you desire. BUT - VW is a CAD package and it is primarily geared toward CAD documents and has some basic rendering and animating tools. C4D is all about rendering and animating. If your primary use will what you described C4D will be the far better choice. The advantages of C4D are: Better results, far faster rendering, much more powerful animating tools, materials and lighting. The advantage of VW (pertaining to this task) are: easier to learn, lots of stock materials and architectural modeling is faster easier.

    As far as plants and other objects go, with C4D you have access to the entire online inventory of .3ds files (www.3dcafe.com for a start), and now with V9, the RPC objects at www.archvision.com.

  9. I REALLY wish we could get at the image files that the renderworks textures are made from. So many of them are image based and it seems silly that we can't manipulate them. It would be great to be able to get them in photoshop to make changes.

    Is there any way to do this?

  10. So I just got my shiny new Venctorworks 11 upgrade today and I'm trying to get my head around these viewports. I was never an AutoCad user so I have never used them before. I have a drawing with 2 layers one is a title block at 1:1 and the other is the drawing at 1/4". What I want to do is use viewports to have a page at 11"x17" with the titleblock and drawing at the correct place and scale and show a small section of the drawing at a larger scale on the same sheet. I would also like to do the same for 24"x36". Currently my title block is tiny even though it is at 1:1 scale. Can someone please shed some light on how to go about this?

    Many thanks!

  11. quote:

    Originally posted by Ziska:

    ..and I have never heard the word "trussirror" in my life....so that's a serious question- what the heck is a "trussirror"? (okay- laugh- call me a scene designer- I don't care- what the heck is a trussirror?)

    I think he may have meant to say "on truss, mirror out"

  12. I upgraded to Win. XP SP2 today and now Open GL rendering fails. The memory usage shoots up from 18MB to 200MB in about 30 seconds and then I get a "One or more operations failed due to lack of memory" error.

    I am using a Radeon 9800 Pro with a Fire GL driver. I can't use the regular 9800 driver because I also use Sketch Up and it will not work at all unless I use this driver. Any suggestions?

    Many thanks!

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