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  1. Thanks for the response. I was just redrawing everything in the end. Was hoping for a one off fix that i can apply to all the imported files when i bring them in. but, oh well. maybe when i upgrade, 2013 will be able to handle it better.
  2. I see. Is there a way to turn that on?
  3. I get this far, but then none of my changes take effect. I can only select four of the basic types of hardware, and i can only change their color. How do you keep the other hardware options when you exit? I've attached a video of what happens. It would be super cool if i could get this to work. thanks
  4. Same with me. I've had many issues with the door hardware dialogues. I can never add new hardware in the "MANAGE" options dialogue, or "EDIT" the four basic options. I just change the symbol color and call out what i actually want. In situations where i really need an accurate drawing, i just start from scratch. Another curious thing is that my door hardware.vwx only has four options in it, and none of them are the ones i'm aloud to use. I hope a super user finds and answers this thread. This has always bugged me.
  5. OK. really confused how you got to a solid shape. i tried rebuilding after the compose, but i get no surface. Then i create surface from curves and get a shape with a fill but the fill isn't working. see pic. How did you get a surface? i can convert the composed nurbs to lines and then compose that. but when i extrude i get a "solid" with no end caps. not as useful.
  6. THANK YOU! I did not know about the Degree mismatch issue. That will solve many issues for me down the road. I'm not 100% sure where these profiles come from. I know some are coming from an old mini cad file, and other's are unknown. one fix i've been able to make work is taking the old DWGs and going to Illustrator, then export to DXF and then import as 2D into VWX. One more puzzle while i have your ear: i'm interested in WHY this is happening. Attached is a new file with base and crown moulding. One profile will work with both paths, and the other will only work with a simple shape. WHY? I've found a work around already: my fix for the NURBS room shape is convert to lines>ungroup>compose>extrude. Your knowledge is appreciated.
  7. I'm having a very difficult time with import DWG/nurbs curves. It's something that i'm going to need to do a lot, so it would be great if anyone could help me with my issue: I need to be able to FIX NURBS curves so that i can use them in VWX. in the first example i have two NURBS curves. One was imported, and the other was one i drew to finish the shape. I cannot, for the life of me, get them to form a solid shape. any idea? in the second example, i have an imported moulding profile. it was a DWG. it came in as a NURBS curve. I cannot extrude it along a path. any ideas? i've tried many permutations of Modify>Convert/Compose and Model>3D Power Pack, and i have read all i can on NURBS in VWX. i can't seem to find other examples of this specific issue where imported curves don't behave like curves drawn in VWX. please help. thanks
  8. So i have this problem where i can't make two NURBS curves into a filled surface. I've tried compose, but then i can't fill the shape. I've tried compose -> 3d power pack -> create surface form curves, but i get the error: "Surface could not be created from NURBS network." If i just "Create Surface from Curves," The result is a disappeared shape. Please help. I have several curves from another project that i'm trying to fill. This should be easy, right? What am I missing? thanks Curve example: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B5K6aplZg6Q6NkVkTmpicFA1UWc/edit?usp=sharing
  9. I saw this VIDEO on youtube. In it is a method for extruding shapes with the auto PUSH/PULL Sub-Face mode quickly using the "ALT" key. But after I draw a shape, the alt key just takes me OUT of PUSH/PULL and into drawing again. for now, when i want to extrude in Sub-Face Mode, I currently have to go to the select tool, deselect all, switch to PUSH/PULL Sub-Face, select object and shape, and extrude. What might i be missing that would allow me to use the auto PUSH/PULL with Sub-Face on, such as appears to be shown in the video? thanks
  10. Thank you for the reply. that wasn't the problem...only because i've had that issue before, and it's well discussed in this forum. the title block images i was bringing in were PNGs and JPEGs produced by Illustrator. through some frustrated messing around, I was trying some different things, and long story short I realized PS .pngs were working fine. opened and resaved illustrator images in photoshop, and boom...fixed. also tested gimp files and MS office picture manager, and they worked. so, it's something to do with VWX2012, Illustrator CS 5.5 image file formats (specifically PNG and JPEG), and my computer. at least this thread might lead someone else to a reason.
  11. I am trying to build a new title block, and I am unable to view newly imported images or images in older files. JPEGs are gray, and PNGs are black. None of the layer options or fill attributes seems to result in viewing a jpeg or png. When I print, the images are black/gray rectanges. The images are grayed out in the resource browser as well. This used to just work. I'm sure i'm missing something obvious, but i can't find it. VWX 2012 sp 4 windows 7
  12. Sorry. 2012 sp5. That's great. To be more specific, how do i get the Wireframe render to be smooth? Detailed drawings get cumbersome in hidden line or even unshaded. Are smooth wireframes just not an option? Thanks.
  13. I'm trying to extrude a steel tube profile over an Arc. The final product is always segmented. How do i get a smooth extrusion?
  14. i had to buy VW for a job, and i've been using it for about 2 months. i've run into a few senarios where the working plane and snapping attributes seem to ellude me. here is a prime example: i'm trying to connect the corner of a tubular steel frame to the roof ridge. i've tried extruding the tube on a basic dimension, and then trimming it down to fit. that doesn't always yeild the best results. so then i got the idea to extrude a path that, in thoery, would connect the two perfectly. here's the rub: i can't figure out how to draw the path. it's come up several times, now, and in a deadline environment, i've just hand draw in the weird angle in the viewport. i'm sick of that. in sketch-up, maya, and 3ds, all i have to do is connect the vertices, or rotate in two dimensions and i'm done. what am i missing? why can't i get a working plane to align to a weird angle? why do i need a working plane at all? i've read alot about this in the help and here, but i haven't found a solution. here's a video: a few hints, at the least, would be great. thx.
  15. so i'm having many issues with my viewport printing. i will post more of them separately, but here is the one that's bothering me today: printing from my viewport lowers the quality of the print compared to the screen quality or exporting a PDF from the design layer. attached is the side-by-side of screen (left) and printed PDF (right). note the disparity in line weights, the lack of hatch marks. i've got the dpi @ 300. any help would be great. thanks, nathan
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