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  1. I normally do my 3D modeling in other programs since it's mainly done for rendering purposes. But I would like to start using VW's BIM capabilities. I have a project that would be good for this type of workflow and I have started modeling it in VW. But I noticed right off the bat that the interface seems to be really slow, not very responsive, and not very accurate. The interface is not smooth at all, there is a huge amount of delay. Things don't always snap where I want them to. and navigating around the model is incredibly slow and difficult. I have a new Mac Pro that has a 6 core processor and 16 gigs of RAM. The graphics processor is a ADM FirePro. All of my other 3D programs zip along. Vectorworks 3D, Not so much. Is this just the way it is with VW?

  2. I just complete the Lynda.com course on Revit and I was very impressed with the concept of BIM workflow. I know that Vectorworks has BIM capabilities. But I am not sure where to start. Yes, I've been to the BIM in practice page. It's very general and doesn't tell me anything that I don't already know about BIM. I'm looking for self paced video tutorials that might show me how to use Vectorworks as BIM software. Right now I only use VW for 2D drawings. I have a lot invested in VW and would like to see what I can do with what I already have.



  3. I recently installed the new Yosemite OS on my Mac Pro and now I am no longer able to print. Whenever I try to print, the print dialog box pops up, like it's supposed to, it then stalls for a little after I click "print" and then after several seconds, a crash log pops up that says"cgpdftops quit unexpectedly". Nothing gets printed. I have been having to create a PDF and then print the PDF as a work around.

    Is anyone else having this problem and know of a way to fix it?

    I'm using Vectorworks 2013.

  4. Just installed version 2013 and was hoping an old annoying problem I was having with 2012 would go away. Nope! I get the spinning beach ball whenever I exit a group or switch back and forth between open files. It spins for about 30 seconds or so. I know that doesn't sound like much. but it's very disruptive. Is anyone else having this problem. I don't have a slow Mac. I don't have lots of things open.

  5. This is starting to really drive me crazy. Every time I switch to another open file or switch back from another file, I get the spinning beach ball for about a minute. This never happened with other versions of VW I've used. Only 2012.

    This even happens if I go to another application and come back to vector works. THe beach ball for a minute and then I can start using the file. Is anyone else having this problem? Is there anything I can do to stop this???

  6. I just upgraded from Vectorworks 2008 to 2012 and I've been noticing that it is significantly slower an more laggy than the older version I was using. All of my snapping is delayed for a couple of seconds and I sometimes have to click on something several times before it is actually selected. I've also noticed a decrease in snapping accuracy, probably due to how slow the program is to respond. It's like it can't keep up with me. I was able to work very quickly in version 2008 and the program was very responsive. What's changed?!? I've tried reducing the amount of on-screen stuff that happens (WAY too many guides and nots and crosshairs and boxes and highlights. Overkill anyone?) and it still seems sloooooow. The only reason Why I upgraded was because I'm going to be switching to Lion in the next few weeks and 2008 is not supported in Lion.

    I was just wondering if anyone else has been experiencing these performance issues.



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