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  1. Thanks, that helps.

    However, I've attached the pdf as a referenced file meaning when I update the orignal .xls file it updates automatically in VectorWorks. This is working for me except I don't understand what circumstances VW uses to auto-update the file (when it opens?) nor do I know how to tell VW to update the referenced files, which I'd like to do directly after changing the xls file so I see how it looks on the VW page.

    Any advice on that?


  2. Using VW 2009, just created an active worksheet (dumbly located as "VA create report" under Tools) imported a tab delimited Excel file and it was badly mangled as to be useless. Imported a .pdf of the fle instead.

    Theres got to be a better way.

    The VA Create report allows only a bunch of pre-created templates (Door Schedule, etc.). Can I create a blank worksheet?

    Surely someone has done this sort of import before with success?

    Novice user,


  3. Hmmm,

    I use VW 2009 in conjunction with Sketchup. Only 1/2 of my work in VW has been in 3D as the drawing / ideation and results are so much faster in SU and altho I have RW I use a repeat drawing in SU to show finishes, cause its quicker. My hope was VW 2011 was 3D oriented enough to eliminate the use of SU. The online training/webinars showed that promise so I was excited about loading it up.

    I'm confident that NV is dealing with the slow regen issues and stability but I will stick to VW 2009 and Sketchup together until this forum reports better success.

    Maybe that's pessimistic but better the evil I know......

    Your posted thoughts appreciated!


  4. Slow in the office after completing a couple of projects. Pulled out the 2011 install discs and thought I'd check out the forum for reviews / instructions before installing.

    What I see about VW 2011 being slow and crash-y has made me hesitate. Is everyone using VW 2011 regretting the upgrade?

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