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  1. When I batch convert my VW12.5.3 files to VW2010 is it important to check the option "Convert referenced layers to referenced viewports"?

    When I do this all the viewports are set-up in a way that maintains the design layer class attributes instead of letting them be controlled by the file that the Sheet Layer is in.

    Has the functionality of the class attributes been changed since VW12?

    Our office has typically kept Design Layers in a separate file from Sheet Layers. In this set-up all line work properties in the Design Layer file are set to "By Class." Then in the file with the Sheet Layers we set all Classes to Black Lines or whatever the preference is for presentation.

    Is this the way we should be doing things?

    We are doing a full office migration in a week so any input would be appreciated.


  2. Do you use the auto coordination feature?

    I was able to get two lines of text but the second line is not included in the Sheet Name or Drawing List.

    Can you tell me what info you entered for the categories in the Record Format associated with your custom title block?


  3. Hi Sarah,

    I just experienced the same issue you had with class properties not functioning in files that i had converted to 2010 from 12.5.

    I followed the solution Wes mentioned and that worked out.

    My only question is that this seems relatively labor intensive to have to convert all the viewports individually.

    Our entire office is switching from 12.5 to 2010 and I can't imagine every project in the office having to go through this.

    Did you by any chance find a option in the "batch convert" function that keeps this from happening?


  4. Is it possible to have a multi-line category for the Sheet Title?

    I am using a custom title block and have labeled the record format "SHEET TITLE_SD#"as instructed to get a multi-line entry field. When I use the Object Info window and select EDIT TITLE BLOCK I have a category that allows me to make a multi-line entry, however when I exit the edit window only the first line is displayed and the info I put on the second line is erased.

    Is this a result of the automatic titleblock coordination features?

    Does anyone know how I can make this work or do i need to add a second field for the second line of text in this particular case?


  5. I have been following the guide for creating a custom title block but as soon as I use it in the Sheet Border tool all the Font Styles become uniform. In the title block symbol I created some are bold, some condensed, etc but this all goes away when the Sheet Border tool uses it. I can change the font in the Sheet Border but it applies universally to all fields.

    Is there a way to maintain specific font styles for the various fields when it is combined with the Sheet Border tool?


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