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  1. I have wasted years on this problem with a drawing that wouldn't edit lines and finally saw the solution after trying the U fix above (didn't work). However, I noticed that the 2D selection tool no. 1 with the red no-access symbol, so clicked the 2nd one and voila!

    Would love to post the screen shot but no can do.

    Good luck to anyone if they ever read this fix and didn't die waiting...

  2. Thanks Bryan

    I tried that but the squares are not done at a tangent to the path (not in this drawing file anyway). This particular project has a circle theme so I have to create

    paths on arcs.

    Benson, I also noted a solution on the hardscape tool but it is way too complex for what I want or am able to do.

    Appreciate both your suggestions though.


  3. I'm sure we used to be able to duplicate a rectangular shape such as a paver along a path before but now I can't do that in VW2010. Duplicate array options do not follow paths. :confused:

    All I want to do is create a stepping stone path with pavers at right angles to the path. :crazy:


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