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  1. Hi guys quick question, My boss wants more advanced realistic renders, is Vectorworks compatable with programs like Viz and 3DS MAX and what other render programs would you recommend that are compatable with VW?

  2. Hi chaps I created a texture for walls in a studio and for some reason star objects seem to appear in a 3D render which ive generated with the camera tool, they dont show in isometric views, any ideas on how I can fix this?

  3. Hi guys, I have a 600mm wall and I want a door to be hinged in the centre of the wall but when I insert a door it hinges flush with one side of the wall how do I get it to hinge in the centre of the wall? Thanks

  4. Hi im trying to export a file to DWG, my drawing has a few 3D Symbols in it but is a relatively small drawing, however when I export it the CAD files reads as over 40mb, ive tried various ways to reduce like not exporting invisible layers etc. but the file is still huge, any ideas how I can reduce it?

  5. Howdy gents, I send my clients quiet alot of PDF's which are mostly of 3D models and the file sizes are quiet large (about 6 or 7MB each) if I reduce the DPi it makes very little difference if any to the file size, is there anyway to reduce the PDF's without buying Adobe Acrobat?

  6. As someone has already said set the glazing to a class but have the glass set as a different style of glass other than "clear" as it seems to appear as anything but clear, I find that "Glass Figured Light" seems to be the best textured glass.

  7. Howdy gents, what im trying to do is show a client how to install acoustic panels and what i want to do is show it in a quick time video, is it possible to do this with vectorworks? i have no problem doing walk throughs etc. but im not sure if VW can show how items being installed. Will i just have to produce a series of images?

  8. Excuse me, Daniel, but did you ever think it may be an Adobe Acrobat display issue? Lines that are diagonal appear to be rendering incorrectly at full Zoom. But if I look at the SAME pdf in Apple's Preview app, the PDF line weights look perfectly fine.

    This is NOT a Vectorworks problem.

    Well there's a first.

  9. Howdy gents im exporting drawings to PDF and I seem to have come accross a bit of a problem, certain objects seem to have a different lineweight to others in the PDF even tho they were drawn on the same layer/class with the same lineweights. The walls seem to be the biggest culprit, any ideas?

  10. I second all these points, it would be great also if RW could be run separately from VW (somehow) so that drafting is possible during rendering.

    Amen to that! Ive also never been able to do a Final Quality Radiosity render its just too much for my computer.

  11. Howdy gents im installing lights on the floor of my drawing to project light onto the walls, ive set up a spot light to project the light which is fine but the object which is projecting the light is still dark, which looks strange in a render seeing light project from a dark bulb, ive put a point light in the object and made the object glass but it still doesnt look as if its producing the light in the render, any ideas?

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