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  1. Rendering Expert Needed for help with Park Design Competition. I will need (1) or (2) images for a January 12th deadline. I can pay a small fee or 25% of any prize money awarded. 1st prize is $5,000, 2nd prize is $2,000.

    If interested please reach out to me at jeremy.p.siegel@gmail.com

  2. Hi All,

    For some reason Style 4 while selected as the shutter texture does not appear as a class? Also, even if I put the shutters in Style 3, which is the same as the sashes they still do not appear? What am I doing wrong?

    TY Jeremy

  3. Monadnoc & All,

    You have put together some really great information here. And your renderings are quite nice. I am almost ready to re-post my rendering but for (1) critical piece of information. "The Tree line in the distance from the texture resource area..." can you re-post that link, or better yet the .vwx file, here as I can't seem to find it. Additionally, is it then used as a renderworks background or is it applied as a texture to some infinite extrusion? I am not sure how that piece comes together.

    TY J

  4. Hi All,

    How can I make landscape elements ie. grass look less like green painted concrete and more like grass? In plan the grass shows as a texture but totally flattens out in a perspective/camera view. Also, is there a C4D expert out there interested in making this rendering photo realistic?

    TY J

  5. Hello all, For some reason I cannot use any objects, textures from the resource browser as I get the following message: "... the following files were saved using an older version of vectorworks and therefore could not be added to the list of favorites"?? See screen shot. This makes no sense as I am using VW 2010 SP4

    TY J

  6. When I double click the layer through the Tools>Organization the Z & DZ just confirms the settings/heights I have input? Each wall when I select it shows up with a strange DZ in the OIP. For instance my 2nd floor walls in the OIP are DZ-4" , Z=11'-0" which relates to ... nothing I have input?

  7. Hi All,

    How do I rotate a hatch? I would like the bring herringbone rotated 45 degrees. (See attached screen shot).

    Additionally, "smart dims" with green handles where can I turn that feature off?

    TY J

  8. Yes, this is what I have been doing turning the class back on in the Navigation Palette. Putting it in "None" makes sense though. I was wondering if, similar to "Saved Views" I had the ability to set classes/layers on or off in the Sheet Layer... that was the dialog box I was looking for. TY Jeremy

  9. Hi all,

    I am sure this is a simple one but can't seem to find the fix.

    I have created my viewport in a class called "viewport crop" and placed it on a sheet layer. When I return to that sheet layer, the viewport does not appear because the class got turned off somehow? How do I fix this?

    TY Jeremy

  10. Bryan, See attached screen shot. Quartz Filters are in Applications_Utilities_Color Sync Utility. Then open the PDF you would like to modify. My Filters are all locked so this was as far as I got.... will spend some time with it later. TY J

  11. I am trying to get my 2d elevations to appear in B& W as per Peter's screen shot prior in the post. I have B&W selected in the "Advanced Properties" but still the FQRW background appears in color? Where do I make the adjustment. (See screen shot) TY J

  12. When displaying the camera view in the DL I select dpi of 300. The result is jagged in the DL. When I export the image as a .png/.tiff I choose 300 dpi and get a jagged image as well. When I create a SLVP of the rendered image the result is still jagged. I have changed the Sheet Layer to 300 dpi & attempted to render the image where i get the spinning clock (not even the beachball anymore) and ultimately abandon the render after 30 minutes.

    I did not use the batch render option. The screen shot at 72 dpi, is just slightly worse than the image I get on screen per the methods above? This is very frustrating.

    Are there some tried & true CRW settings that work for a simple exterior rendering like I am trying to produce? TY J

  13. Hi All,

    Please see the attached screen shot. The image was done w/:

    1. CRW

    2. 2 point lights

    3. Curve detail tried both high & low

    4. Ray traced shadows

    5. No Auto exposure

    6. No Final Gather

    7. At 300 & 600 dpi

    What do I need to adjust to get the fascia/soffit detail to read correctly rather than the blurred jagged mess I am getting.

    Thanks, J

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