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  1. Alright, round two...

    First of all, and I guess this isn't a program question, but I'm in Baton Rouge; are there any local usergroup for VW, and where/when is the closest seminar that my colleagues and I could go to to get some help/training in the program? The tutorial cd's we have are decent but apparently not enough for everything to run smoothly.

    Second, any words of wisdom as to why my hatches would come out spotchily incomplete when printed? i.e. what is supposed to be a grid is almost a grid, but with several of the grid lines missing, apparently randomly, like a threadbare cloth.

    Again, thank you for any and all help on this.

    Casey L.

  2. Thanks CS1 and Kiwi. I'm trying out the solutions now, the lineweight editor being specific to the viewport is a godsend, i didn't realize the changes were local only in that. I tried dropping the render dpi to 75 for working on the drawings while in elevation, but i still seem to have significant lag time on each of my commands. It does seem to be a little faster, but that might just be my optimism kicking in, or a fading memory of worse times. Either way, thank you for your suggestions.

    Kiwi, i actually don't have RenderWorks, just vectorworks architect, so i'm using the Hidden Line shading mode. There is an openGL option, but it seems to be slower than just hidden line mode.

    I'm sure I'll be posting again soon with more questions, thanks very much for your help.

    Casey L

  3. Good afternoon, my name's Casey, I'm an intern architect for a residential firm, and I'm having a bear of a time trying to learn to use VectorWorks 2008: Architect for my first project.

    I've had a few really big overarching problems, which i'm sure there are answers to, probably out in the open that I've just missed; first, is there any way to use different lineweights for the same object between your plan, 3d, and elevation viewports without resetting the lineweights for your classes between each and every print?

    Secondly, the render time on working with the elevations while in hidden line mode is absolutely maddening, what can I do to cut this out? Basically, if i move alter a single while not in plan mode, I have to wait a good 45 seconds to a minute for it to re-render the file, with what i think is just the basic non-wireframe mode. I've got a 2.00 GHz processor on my work computer with 1GB of ram, and dual 2.4 GHz processors w/ 2gb of ram on my home computer, both of which have the problem, is this just not enough horsepower to adequately deal with the program?

    Third, with this render time and lack of multiple controls of lineweights, what's the best way to draw elevations? so far, to avoid extensive re-renders, i've basically had to cheat and make the viewport for my sheet, then draw in 2d from the base it gives me from the view, and make all elevational changes with the 2d lines rather than the base model; even to the point of drawing in blank pen but white filled boxes to hide parts that don't look right. This seems to work as a temporary fix, but falls substantially short for my mental health, for the eventual plan changes, and for the instance when i have to export the file to autocad for a co-worker to use, where gimmick fixes are shown in broad daylight. Also, it hurts my brain a bit to have to convert every measurement in my head to drawing scale.

    Lastly, my co-worker seems to get a "runtime error" four out of five times she tries to start the program which immediately shuts it down, any words of wisdom as to what might be causing that?

    I'd appreciate any help, and thanks very much.

    Casey L.

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