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  • Error Reporting and Detailed User Logs

    PVA - Jim

    When the Vectorworks program communicates with our servers, we collect anonymous data about the type of graphics card your machine uses, your monitor resolution, and other information that helps us correct issues and identify new features. By default, this data is extremely limited. 

    Vectorworks users have control over the type of data included in user logs, crash logs, and “check for updates” actions. This article explains the various levels of information we collect so that you can decide whether submitting it to us to help improve the product is comfortable for you. The decision is yours; this article merely aims to inform you. 

    NOTE: after altering this setting, you should fully shut down and then restart Vectorworks to lock in the change.

    There are three levels of information that can be gathered, as determined by the Error reporting setting located in the Session tab of Vectorworks Preferences (Tools > Options > Vectorworks Preferences).The base level, “Send nothing,” occurs any time you run Check for Updates or when you activate an E-series version of Vectorworks.



    The following additional information is collected from your machine:

    • Vectorworks Version (Vectorworks 2016 SP2)
    • Operating System (Windows 7, Mac OS X 10.9, etc)
    • IP Address
    • CPU Type (Your computer's processor)
    • GPU Type (Your graphics card)
    • Graphics card driver version
    • RAM (How much you have installed total)
    • Language
    • Display Resolution (This also includes how many monitors are being used actively)
    • Time since last Reboot


    This minimal information is always reported to us even when Error Reporting is set to Send Nothing, mainly because of its importance in tracking installation issues and resolving issues related to the operating system. This information is collected in almost any software package or operating system you have ever used and is completely anonymous. 

    The next level of information, which we collect if you enable "Send Crash Details" includes more detailed information mainly related to any crashes you may encounter when using Vectorworks. 



    The following additional information is collected:


    • Session Time (How long you were using Vectorworks, starting when you launched the application and ending at the crash)
    • Alerts/Events (Any time you had gotten an alert in the message bar at the bottom right, or any time you hear the "bonk" when using a tool or command before the crash occurred)
    • VGM Details (What exactly your graphics card was attempting to do at the time of the crash)
    • Workspace Info (What has been customized and what version it was initially created in)


    This additional logging information, however, only comes to us in the event of a crash. If your application has not crashed, then the information is not sent to us at all. 

    The maximum level of information we can collect is referred to as Usage Data or a Detailed User Log. Select “Send crash details and usage patterns” to permit sending this information, in addition to the rest of the data listed previously.



    The following information is collected:


    • Mouse Movement (Where your cursor moves to over time, to the level where we can exactly recreate mouse locations and actions immediately prior to a crash) 
    • Idle Times (How long Vectorworks was sitting unused between user actions) 
    • Tools Selected
    • Menus Selected
    • Settings Used
    • Undo Actions (The content of what was undone/redone)
    • CheckObject (What or When objects were selected and deselected)
    • Folder Structure (Where files or referenced files are stored and accessed by file name and path)


    This level is the most personal, and although this material is collected anonymously, we fully understand that some users would not be comfortable sharing this much with us. This is why this option is both disabled by default and controlled by the user directly. This information is sent to us when your close Vectorworks, you may see an alert when shutting it down that asks you to wait while the information is transmitted to our servers.

    However, this critical detail provides us with priceless data on how users work with the software, all without them having to do anything but use the application. No effort is required on the part of the user and they are benefitting the development of Vectorworks as a whole both for the current version in the form of Service Pack fixes and in future releases. We encourage you to enable the maximum detail logging option, but the decision is yours to make.

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