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  • WebView - Best Practices and Known Issues

    PVA - Admin

    1) Geometry limits: 
    Desktop: If you have above 2 million faces in your model, it may respond slowly or become unstable. Mobile: If you have above 1 million faces in your model, it may respond slowly or become unstable.

    These limits are due to how browser memory caching works. Development continues to increase the efficiency of our export to increase the number of polygons we can support. 

    2) Each export to the web is given a flag, which gives a two week time limit to your export. You can check the amount of time left in the About menu. 

    3) (Mac only) If viewing in Preview and the default browser is Chrome, it will fail to load because of browser security issues. You must use another browser to view the Preview app.

    4) You can only export in Perspective at the moment. If you are currently in Top Plan or Orthogonal, your view will be placed into Perspective so you can export properly. For the best results, we recommend changing your view to Perspective with the OpenGL render mode on before activating the Export Web View menu command. 

    5) Since this is a web app which uses a browser, stability might become an issue with browser updates. Please keep this in mind if anything seems to go wrong after a browser update. We will be tracking these updates and making the appropriate fixes if updates cause irreversible failures. Please contact us if you believe this has occurred. 

    6) If you export in Cropped Perspective, the view will not be exact and will be determined by the bounds of the crop. However, you will still be placed into the model after the export. 

    7) Please browse the in-app help for more details on how to operate the webapp.

    8) Samsung Web VR Compatibility. Technically the files can be seen on the “Samsung Internet for Gear VR.” But at this point are not fully supported. Any device that supports a real browser or a mobile browser (especially Chrome) supports Web files properly.

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