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  • Vision Capture Input Requirements

    PVA - Admin

    Vision will soon include support for Video Capture devices, but they must meet some hardware requirements in order for Vision to recognize the device.


    The first and arguably most important hardware requirement is UVC (USB Video Class) 1.1 support. Windows and OS X both ship with UVC 1.1 capable drivers built directly into the OS. This means that while the capture card may come with proprietary drivers, they are not required. The easiest way to test for UVC support, assuming you purchased a UVC device, is to plug it into your computer without installing any drivers and verifying that the device is detected by third party software, such as Skype. If driver installation is required or if third party programs are unable to detect the device, then Vision will likely not recognize the input. When Vision cannot see any UVC devices, we spawn a dialog stating “Unable to find any UVC capable devices...”. This is a scenario in which we cannot handle. The device simply must support UVC for us to even have a chance at getting it to work.


    The second requirement is one we have a little bit more control over in-house. This requirement is the pixel format. Currently, we support YUYV422 and YUV420P. We just found a device whose pixel format is UYVY422 and we will be looking into adding support for that pixel format in a service pack. If Vision recognizes all capture devices as UVC but does not recognize any of their pixel formats, then Vision will spawn a dialog stating “Unable to find any devices that support YUYV422/YUV420P...”. In the event that you see this error message, please contact Tech Support with your Vision.log file. This will allow us to see if it is possible to add support for the pixel format needed.


    Lastly, the capture card we tested with in-house was “Seesii HDV-UH60 HDMI to USB3.0/2.0 Video Capture Dongle 1080P 60FPS Capture Box for Windows, Linux, OS X System”. When we pulled this device up on Amazon, it explicitly stated in the product description that “It is compatible with UVC video capture and YUV 422 video output”. We will be looking to add to this list as we have more time for testing internally. If you find a capture device that works that is not on this list, please contact Technical Support to have the device added.


    -Brandon Budzon

    Software Engineer

    Vectorworks Inc.

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