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    Summarize the Total Number of Unique Objects in a Schedule Without Redundancy

    PVA - Jim

    This tip would be handy for use with the VectorWorks Architect Door Hardware Schedule or Wall Type Schedule. This example uses the Door Hardware Schedule. 


    After creating a Door Hardware Schedule, select Window > Worksheets > Door Hdw Schedule. Click on the header row cell (the one containing a clear diamond to the left of the row number); this is where the general information for the listed objects is summarized. After selecting the header row cell, the Ascending Sort, Descending Sort, and Summarize icons are available, directly above column A. 


    Click and drag the Summarize icon to the A column header cell. The schedule will show how many unique objects exist and will list the total number of objects, but only provides the grand total rather than the individual totals for each unique object type. For example, in a Door Hardware Schedule, it will show that there are HDW-2, HDW-1, and HDW-4 type objects, and that there are 15 total hardware objects, but it will not yet show that there are four HDW-2 objects, seven HDW-1 objects, and four HDW-4 objects. 


    Here's how to show the number of unique object types:


    Highlight column A and click the Worksheet menu icon (the triangle to the left of the Descending Sort icon). From the drop-down menu which displays, select Insert > Column; a new column A is inserted. In the cell at the intersection of column A and the header row, enter a value of 1. The individual totals of unique objects are summarized in column A.

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