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  • Multi Seat Licensing

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    Important Multi-seat license Information

    If you are upgrading multiple licenses where both previous and current versions might be in use at the same time, please read carefully.

    When a Vectorworks serial number is upgraded, there is a link between the old and new serial numbers. This is known as the license number (the last six digits of the serial number) and will be identical for the life of the Vectorworks license, regardless of how many times it is upgraded.




    Each license number can only be in use on one computer at a time, so it is important to take this into consideration when upgrading multiple licenses. What is required is to match the license number from the new serial number you are using to install Vectorworks, with the license code from the existing serial number on that computer. 

    Doing this will avoid using up activations on the new license.You can find the license number from an existing installation of Vectorworks by choosing About Vectorworks from the Vectorworks menu on a Macintosh, or the Help menu on a Windows machine.

    If for any reason you need to switch a serial number, this can be done by going to the Session tab in Vectorworks Preferences, clicking the Serial Numbers button, then using the Remove and Add buttons. It is preferable that serial numbers be swapped on prior versions rather than the new version, to avoid using up activations. Please also note that with Series E serial numbers (those beginning with "E"), it is not possible to install more than one serial number on each machine. 

    If upgrading from a previous Series A license (those beginning with "A") where multiple license numbers had been entered on each machine, it will be necessary to reduce this to one serial number on each existing machine first, before installing the new licenses. This will allow you to match license codes on individual machines and avoid conflicts or unnecessary activations.



    For additional questions feel free to contact us at tech@vectorworks.net or contact your local distributor http://www.vectorworks.net/international/index.php Thank you again for choosing Vectorworks.

    The Vectorworks Team 

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