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  • Migration Tips - Vectorworks 2011 - Lighting

    PVA - Admin
    • Area lights emit in both directions now, they don’t have directionality. To get the same result out of a Renderworks 2011 area light the user may have to mask the backside with black geometry.
    • The Emitter Brightness field in the Lighting Options dialog that is set to 250% for translated 2010 files, to closer match the brightness in previous versions of Renderworks. This field is a quick way for the user to adjust all physical lights’ brightnesses up and down to get a well-lit scene, assuming they don’t want to change each light object instead. 
    • The default light brightnesses have changed from 75% to 100% and from 100 lumens/lux to 1000 lumens/lux due to the upgrade to Maxons Cinema4D rendering engine. Renderworks 2011 renders a directional light at 1000 lux as well lit, Renderworks 2010 showed a light at only 200 lux as well lit.
    • It can decrease rendering time to use the Glow shader for area-type lights than using actual area light objects, especially when large or complex geometry is involved. The Glow shader only works when Indirect Lighting is enabled.
    • Lit fog is only available for Point, Spot, and Custom lights. It is not available for Directional, Area, and Line lights.
    • Sharp Distance Falloff has been renamed Realistic. As its name implies, it gives a more real appearance to lighting.
    • No fill (wireframe) objects’ lines do not receive light from light objects – they always render as constant shading. The user should change the Fill attributes of this geometry to Solid if they want the objects to be shaded with lighting.

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