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  • 3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator - Recommended Configuration - (Mac OS X)

    PVA - Jim

    Most users who work with the 3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator do so in conjunction with the Walkthrough tool. Some of the default settings for this device make moving around in Vectorworks difficult, but this is easily remedied by reconfiguring the axis mapping to match the below settings. The mapping can be adjusted under the Apple > System Preferences > 3Dconnexion menu.

    First, make sure to click the drop down menu next to "Configure" and select your current version of Vectorworks. In this example, Vectorworks 2014. If you do not see it in the list, it can be added via the "Add Application" option. 

    NOTE: The left button on the SpaceNavigator by default toggles between Flyover and Walkthrough modes. We recommend you leave this shortcut intact.

    Then, configure your settings under "Axes" to match the below image:



    NOTE: 3D Mouse In and 3D Mouse Out can also be mapped to "Emulate Mouse" so that pushing the SpaceNavigator stick forward will behave as scrolling inward does on your mouse, and the inverse for moving the stick backward. The threshold for these two values should be at least at 50%, as a very low setting will cause the zooming to occur too easily.

    Attached to the bottom of this article you will find an exported configuration in case you would like to try exactly the settings we use here, they can be added via the Configure >  Import Configuration menu option.

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