So there were a few threads related to this topic, and with Apple's release of the Mac Mini, users are more curious than ever about external graphics / eGPUs. Previously we had done a lot of testing with some early models, but a few things have changed recently that merit this being revisited:
  1) So far, Nvidia has not released web drivers that work on macOS 10.14 Mojave. This is how MANY users were maintaining older Macs, especially the beloved cheese grater-style Mac Pros. This has also directly affected many user's hackintosh setups where they had gotten macOS to run on non-Apple hardware.   2) It looks more and more that Apple wishes to push external graphics as a solution for power users. Whether we agree with this direction or not, it is best to test and experiment with it, so that if that does become the only method, we are prepared for it.   3) Mojave introduced MUCH better eGPU support than in previous macOS versions. It is now possible to explicitly select the external GPU for a given app rather than requiring users do so via Terminal. Using Terminal is where I tend to draw the line for providing instructions for "Regular" users most of the time, so the removal of this need made doing this much less daunting of a walkthrough.   The test case: I have here a Mac Mini 8,1, 3.2Ghz i7 6core, UHD 630 graphics. Solid CPU paired with a weak integrated GPU. This integrated GPU is very good by integrated GPU standards, but still substandard as far as Vectorworks performance is concerned. To that end, I have a Sonnet 550 eGPU enclosure, and a few Mojave-compatible GPUs to test. To start a Radeon Pro WX 9100 and a Radeon Pro WX 7100. These GPUs were selected because they are officially supported by Apple for use with eGPUs. I will be remaining within Apple's walled tech garden for the majority of these tests at least initially.   First, the Cinebench results of the Mac Mini without any eGPU help:

Next, the results after plugging in the eGPU dock with a Radeon PRO WX 7100:

As expected, the CPU scores are within the margin of error of each other (a difference of 4 on these scores isn't noticeable in normal use anyway), but the GPU score is nearly double, placing it MUCH higher on the benchmark list for GPU as well as bringing it well into the recomended hardware territory.

I share this testing mainly because I wont have the Mac Mini for long, so if there is any testing you would like me to do, this week is the week to speak up!
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