We gave the project sharing its first test yesterday - and it was a disaster.   Some but not all information would be seen after a commit and refresh.  It would not allow editing of certain objects and layers because it claimed for each of us that the other had permission.  Then it would not let us commit because it said the other had taken our permissions away.    Then the really strange things started to happen - all of our general notes disappeared.  All of our title blocks were converted from title block boards to "Parametric Objects" that were no longer editable.    This was a small basic model of a kitchen renovation.  Thank goodness we did not try this on a project of any real size.   I have met with friends at offices who have given it good long test runs - and report that it is a constant stream of errors, crashes, and bugs like the ones here.  Is anybody using this in the real world with success??  If so - if anybody has any ideas about what would be causing our issues - it would be much appreciated.    Thanks, Tom