Just started using this for the first time. Potentially very handy but there are a few issues I have encountered. These perhaps range between bugs and things that simply could be better. Or maybe in some cases I'm doing something wrong.   1) [In edit path animation dialogue] Why's the timeline so small? Very fiddly to manipulate once you've got more than a few views on it.   2) If I set up a timeline, then want to adjust the viewpoint of one of the saved views within it, then I can't just edit/redefine the saved view, then return to the timeline and it'll have been updated. Is that right? I seemingly have to remove that saved view from the timeline, then re-add it.   3) [In edit path animation dialogue]If I add a new saved view at the end of the timeline, then move it to a position earlier in the timeline, before other saved views, it has a gap after it making a sudden jump in the animation. If I try and introduce one of the camera-speed curves in this gap, by sliding the "beads" up and down either side, something weird happens with the curve going into negative values (??)   4) [In edit path animation dialogue] Why can't I group-select a bunch of saved views at the left and add them in one go? Is a bit tedious having to do them one by one.   5) [In edit path animation dialogue] Method to increase overall duration is not obvious (have to double click triangle in top right then enter a number). Why not just have a slider at the end that can be adjusted manually?   6) I can't include in my animation things like classes/layers switching on/off between views. Is that right?   7) I don't think I can save a move-along-path animation with things like render type, layer visibility, set. They all have to be re- set up each time in the active viewport, when I want to re-save an animation. Is that right?   8) [Create animation dialogue] It's confusing, in top left panel, to have to press "animation options" button, highlight your chosen animation in a list, and then exit the dialogue to "activate" that animation. You have to go back into the dialogue to check which one you've selected. You should be able to select directly from a dropdown list on the main dialogue, and then that animation show as selected, in the main dialogue. Then a separate button if you want to go in and edit that animation. Also, I think the "animations" would more accurately be described as "paths" because they don't contain any rendering etc setup, as per point (7) above.   9) [Create animation dialogue] Under settings, why grey out "duration"? Either let us change it here, or don't show it at all here. Greying it out causes confusion.   10) In an ideal world.... when editing a timeline, I could right-click on a saved view, and be given the option to go to that saved view, adjust viewpoint as I wish, have it redefined and updated in the timeline all in one go, and be returned to the timeline to carry on editing it.   11) It would be more useful to see the "preview" in its own, smaller window, than in the main window because that's inevitably behind all the popup dialogues (unless you have dual monitors and anticipate this by making the pane on your secondary monitor the active one before going into the animation dialogue.   12) What logic leads to "create animation" being under the "Model" menu heading?   13) Is there any intention to develop this feature or is it one of those ones that gets introduced and then forgotten about, or is it being superseded by something else?