Further to the ongoing dialog about bug submission, I am following up on submitting my own possible bugs that I have posted as threads in the forum. I submitted this as my first bug using the online Bug Submit form posted by Jim in another thread. (Not my first bug ever  , I've made tons of submissions in the past, just not with the form for a while.) -  Filing the bug took 9 minutes in total. Here are my interim wishes for improvements to the current bug submit process -   - I'd like a way to cut/paste the last six digits of my serial number into the form. - Note that the current form doesn't include Mac OS X 10.12 at all so I cannot submit my correct operating system information (I am currently running Mac OSX 10.12.6). - I'd love a dropdown for choosing my version of Vectorworks and a second dropdown for choosing my SP. - I wish that bug submission copied me with my submission via email so I have my own record of submitting. One of the big advantages of the forum is the ability to search after the fact if I ever need to follow up. Edit - one additional wish, it would be great if there was a way to submit multiple bugs in one sitting without having to re-enter all the basic information again each time.   Overall it wasn't too bad, though being able to copy/paste the steps to recreate my bug from my forum post made that part of the process easier.   Thank you!   Kevin
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