We are facing a couple of issues with implementation of Project Sharing. As landscape architects, with previous versions we would create separate files for each different plan set (i.e. hardscape, demolition, irrigation, planting, etc.) and reference them together with referenced viewports. This allowed multi-user to work on the same project at the same time, but just on different aspects. With Project Sharing, I can see the benefit to having everything together in one project file and checking out design layers/sheet layers for other users to work on; however, the issues we are facing are as follows: 1. Because of our use of multiple design layers to separate information, the list of design layers in one combined project file will become too cumbersome, often hundreds long. It would be great if there were a way to create 'folders' for design layers or a hierarchical system similar to that used in classes. This would streamline the document organization into information sets (i.e. Hardscape-, Demolition-, Irrigation-, Planting-, etc.). We would still need to maintain proper inter-mixed stacking orders though. I could also see the same being very useful for sheet layers, essentially creating sheet layer folders for varying plan sets. 2. File size. Some of these files, when combined into one Project File will be enormous. Considering our varying workstation situation, I can forsee dramatic problems with file loading, crashes, and update times. This is a general issue Vectorworks needs to address in order to compete in the growing data-rich, 3d, BIM world. We have top of the line workstations that still struggle with the complexity of some of these large project files.