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  2. Amorphous - Julian

    Viewport "Styles"

    @Matt Panzer Thanks for your prompt response. Please give it a good shove in the pipeline. Looking forward to good news/updates on this.
  3. Matt Panzer

    Viewport "Styles"

    @Amorphous - Julian, I agree that this is a very important feature and it's very high on my personal list. I would say we've had it "on the radar" for a few years and much closer to the pipe since the release of VW 2019 (but not yet in the pipe). That said, we do know how important this feature is and I hope to push it in the pipe soon.
  4. David S

    (section)viewports not rendering 2d items

    Also works on plan
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  6. David S

    (section)viewports not rendering 2d items

    Hi Frank, (achieved in VW 2019) We do all our annotation in the design layers and copy it over to the viewport annotation. Nevertheless I was intrigued. So I went to our ground floor of our 3d model and inserted a dimension (1926mm) and converted it to layer plane/3d (not screen plane) in the OIP and manipulated it to the correct plane using Control L (Vertical) You can see it on the right image model view in front of the door. I then went to a section viewport of the model and the dimension wouldnt appear ....until I checked "display planar objects" and it appeared! I may have misunderstood your question and we do all our work in 3D, but I hope this might help in some way to get you from A to B Regards David
  7. @Amorphous - Julian, - correct - I think there is nothing else that relies on the sequential order - once again, correct - If you could send me the project file with the TBB still checked out, I could check what caused the crash if I am able to reproduce it Will keep you tuned here when there is progress about this topic.
  8. Hi @Nikolay Zhelyazkov, thanks for your prompt feedback. Excited to hear that TBB may be up for getting the multi-thread upgrade. I really think lots of users would benefit from that. You make an interesting point about the sequential nature of certain data, which I hadn't considered. I suppose the sequential page numbering example you mentioned refers to the situation when a drawing set is to be numbered, for example, 'Page 55, 56, 57.....' of '105 total ' in the Titleblock, right? If so, I may just mentioned that page numbering may be necessary or preferable to some, in larger projects or large Drawing Document sets, they are generally not used. From my experience, numbered pages for a drawing set is not convention. Personally, I will be willing to trade sequential page numbering function for improved speed (would like to hear what others think). What other examples of sequential data is present in TBB? As with using worksheet editing of TBB data- there are some operations that simply cannot be edited that way, such as adding 'Issue' data to the Titleblock (correct me if I'm wrong). Just now- I had another crash. I tried to check out TBB in a Project Shared file to add 'Issue' to a new sheet. However, Titleblock was checked out by another use for one of the sheets, so I was forced to 'cancel' the operation. Cancelling in this way causes Vectorworks to crash, time is wasted then to reboot and start over where I was. Really looking forward to multithread improvements to this great tool. Please keep us updated.
  9. Can anyone provide a list of product enhancements for the Vectorworks Architect / Fundamentals modules that actually took place this year. We have now upgraded all machines in the office to VW2020 (SP1 came out yesterday - still to see if that stops the crashing) and apart from the changes to introduce 'barn doors' and tinkering with the doors and windows model - but not fixing the underlying issues with the whole module, cannot really seen anything. I am definitely not interested in a fancy new graphics interface with lovely icons - That does not improve productivity or efficiency. The new and improved Graphics module is to put not too fine a point on it, its not worth the paper its written on, as if anything, Vectorworks is much slower and much less responsive than before, it is also much more liable to crashing - we have even had 'panic reports' from one of the iMac's recently with the only change to the system being the upgrade to VW2020 - This has never happened before. We have had to change all the graphics settings to "best compatibility" to be able to carry out any work. My understanding of the 'improvements are as follows: Live data Visualisation - This is after the fact and assumes that all items are correctly attributed. Note that the allocations of spaces and zones is integral to this tool. This is a problem unless the usability of the space tool has been overhauled to a point where it works - the space tool is far to complicated and on a working model, spaces have to be deleted to made the drawing manageable (the program slows to a crawl and to carry out any amendment takes forever). GIS Improvements - It is extremely unlikely that we would use such a tool and there are very few benefits if any from the examples shown that would persuade me to invest in ArcGIS History-Based modelling - Apart from spending an inordinate amount of time to prepare a level of detail that is not required for that vast majority of building projects, I can see no benefit in this tool Graphics module Improvements - As mentioned previously, we have four iMacs in the office, all 27" i7 5K Retina with at least 24GB Ram and 4GB graphics cards (mine has an 8GB) and this 'fantastic new feature' has done nothing but slow the whole system down to a crawl. If this is an improvement, I can only presume that the extra coding in the program slowed it up so much that VW needed to change the graphics system to try and maintain the status quo - It didn't work. IFC referencing - Have not tried, but way down the line List Browser Direct editing - It is not user friendly, far too responsive. Is there any way of switching it off??? Section views - Only useful if walls and floors / doors windows slabs and roofs all interconnect properly and don't all disconnect at the first change to the model - Wait to be convinced if there is any improvements Walkthrough animation - hopefully this will be good, will wait and see. But again, not a productivity improvement Widget groups - This is akin to the "improvement" to the OIP last year where you mandated that class selection be carried out using a 'hierarchical display' - not funny and not useful. Can anyone please tell me what functional improvements have been made. All I really want to for VW to improve what for all intents is / could be, a fantastic program without destroying the systems that actually work and fixing what is blatantly obvious to all working users that which is broken - doors / windows / stairs / roofs / walls etc. I.e. allow us to design a building the way we want to design it and be able to produce proper production and detail information - not just pretty pictures.
  10. @ericjhberg Thank you !. Yeah, that's going to be a big headache then..as a planting design focused office we are so excited to see this database being used in projects. We have been trying to add maintenance notes for some common plants we use in design, and hoping when we accumulate enough data one day the planting schedule we can pull out a column for maintenance notes. But if we cannot editing the plant database at the same time it simply means the efficiency of adding the notes will be decreased. Hopefully newer versions can be improved! In saying that, do you know can I copy my database to another station? Because my plant database have a lot more notes than the other one. If can, at least both work station can have similar plant database to work with...
  11. Amorphous - Julian

    Viewport "Styles"

    Today, a new staff member (who's new to Vectorworks) asked: 'Does Vectorworks have anything like Plot Styles in AutoCAD?' Me - 'Good Question- that's like "Viewport Styles" in Vectorworks. I am sure that feature was in the pipeline.' Then I remembered this forum thread. Our new staff was shocked that something can be in the pipeline for 3 years and had no action. @Matt Panzer @JuanP are you able to provide updates on this?
  12. I would like to insert a steel i beam over a window to act as the lintel however unsure how to insert so that it interacts with the wall (i.e the inner block work leaf sits above). What is the right way to insert a steel into a wall?
  13. Hello Tui, For first question you can relink data tag using its control point. For second question this is an enhancement request, so you can fill such. Thanks, Kostadin Ivanov
  14. Amorphous - Julian

    Push-Pull for floors (and walls, slabs)

    @E|FA Thanks- and yes we already the wall projection tools, but wasn't aware of the slab operation. Very cool! We actually find the 'wall projection and recesses' very cumbersome and difficult to edit, the same with 'floor' and 'slab' objects. Hence one of the newbies in the office asked the question and we had an 'ah-ha' moment. @cberg Yes, a typo in my post made it sound like a question rather than suggestion (wondering vs wonderful). Corrected now. We use the OzCAD windoor door for wall openings, it is a very very very good tool. It even patches the wall adjacent to the opening with, say masonry, to reflect how openings are created in real-life.
  15. Just moving into 2019 now, and transferring one of our larger projects to take advantage of the new features. Having testing 2019 through SPs 1-4 and now on 5.2 with smaller projects, we are confident to take the dive. First off, the data tag has been such a breath of fresh air, in terms of a common-sense tool release, so thanks again to the devs at VW. Secondly, a couple of questions for other users who have being using 2019 in the wild since its release and the data tag tool. a) Is it possible to un-link an existing data tag thats been placed in the annotations viewport, to another object? e.g, A tower type building, you tag all the windows on level 1, in the annotations space, you then duplicate the whole layer (to do the next story up), you change the layer visibilities for the viewport to have the design layers for the next level up. Then realise the data tags from the previous level are still in the annotations space for this new level, however theyre still linked to the windows from the level below. Would be great to relink these tags to the new level. I havent found a way yet, if others know of way that would be great. b) Is it possible to have the data tag look into design layer viewports on a design layer, while your in the annotation space of the sheet layer? Again, I couldn't see a way, wondering if anyone else knows. If neither are possible, I will file an enhancement request. Cheers, Tui
  16. Hello Julian, @Amorphous - Julian Currently we are not using multithreading for the TBB and its functionalities, so we could check if this is possible as an improvement for the future, but I am not sure about this because we have some sequential data, such as the Page Number, which will not work well with multithreading at all. It is sad to hear that you have such difficulties and delays with the TBB... We will see if we are able to think of any improvement in the future and hopefully we could speed this up. In the meantime, maybe you could take advantage of the worksheet editing of TBBs, which should be faster? Thank you for your feedback! Best Regards, Nikolay Zhelyazkov
  17. Hi @Nikolay Zhelyazkov, Thanks for responding to this thread. I appreciate that there may be engineering challenges that non-engineers like myself and other users may not appreciate. But at the same time, for interior design/architecture practices, a large number of sheets in a Construction Documentation Set is Fact of Live. For some projects, there is no way to avoid this. Hence- there is no way to skirt around the problem that a slow Title Block Tool takes a lot of our precious time. I am sure you can appreciate our need for efficiency. Today alone, simply clicking on 'the OK' button on the 'Title Block Manager' dialogue window (without any changes) resulted in the computer thinking for 10 minutes. In the end, I had to force-quit Vectorworks, which causes all kind of 'permission' issues with the shared Project File. This is a replicable issues, and I can record a video of this and post it up later. So, I would hope that together we can find the way out of this quagmire. I'm confident that there is a solution that helps us achieve efficiency as users, but is still possible for you from an engineering point of view. I do recall some earlier forum posts that says by 'multi-threading' certain processes, there is a marked improvement of speed. Is the Title Block Manager a single-thread process, or multi-thread? Thanks again, Julian
  18. Amorphous - Julian

    Hidden-Line-Render SLOW with surface hatch ON

    Since this issue is not getting any attention, I will repost it as a feature request on Wishlist.
  19. Mike Wright

    Bridle tool problem

    Gladly Attached is a clean file started from scratch. I am attempting to create a 2 leg bridle (V2019) Bridle test.vwx
  20. Matster

    Find Text

    I do like callouts, unfortunately this specific application of text boxes, the use of Callouts wouldn't work! I'll have to cope until Vectorwork upgrade the text search field!
  21. shorter

    macOS Catalina (10.15) Compatibility

    Why do you assume it’s vectorworks? have you done any other tests like uninstalling and reinstalling Vectorworks? i would suggest it’s your setup.
  22. Boh

    Find Text

    This is one of the reasons I use callouts instead of plain text. Via a worksheet you can spell check and edit text callouts notes throughout a file or a selected part of a file.
  23. Zeno

    No Stories, No Problem

    Why must I write in English with an Italian user -_- So, I'm used to set the global 0 in a specific point on site. From there I start to set the project. For IFC Export I didn't change any parameters on reference elevation.
  24. Matster

    Find Text

    Thanks for getting back to me, at least i'm not hunting forever! but it does seem very limiting, if it only finds one of the instances. If this doesn't work, then as far as i can see, there is't way to search and find all text boxes with a specific piece of text in, which is pretty much a feature in every program ever written 😂 Although maybe there is a way... 1 - put the text in a record.. 2 - create a report... 3 - export the report... 4 - open it in Excel... 5 - find the text you want... 6 - cross-reference the row number back to the Vectorworks worksheet 7 - then select it from the worksheet A simple 7 stages! 😂🤣
  25. Hi @Sally yang...yes, unfortunately our experience is that the database, which should be a centrally managed resource capable of supporting multi-user environments, CANNOT be accessed by more than one user at a time. If you try, the second user attempting to open will likely be encountered with an error and potentially a crash. It can be stored and accessed by each user in the workgroup folder, which is what we do, but currently you have to coordinate its usage since it cannot be accessed by multiple users at the same time. We have an annoying standard in our office...whenever someone needs the plant database they should ask around the office to make sure no one else is using it. Not exactly the intent of true multi-user tools.
  26. Matt Overton

    Needing Section perspective to be at eye height

    From memory In the Section, advanced settings set the height extent of the section so the middle point is the desired eyeline. Not the most intuitive setting will take a couple of attempts to get right.
  27. _c_

    No Stories, No Problem

    Ciao Zeno, do you use a common Z for all buildings or every building has its own project zero? Accordingly, how do you set up the Reference Elevation in the Export IFC Project settings?
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