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  2. Bas Vellekoop

    Subdivision - 2019 movie reproducing

    I was wondering the same. Is it possible to bridge the two separate subdivision object in the attached print screen? The file is attached. combine.vwx
  3. @frozenwaffles Yes, we are working on getting this update available in all regions.
  4. Alex Nicol

    NOMAD AR drawing issues

    We can reproduce this issue and will update here when we find a solution. It probably has to due with the imported OBJ mesh not being loaded properly by our app.
  5. digitalcarbon

    Best Methods for Extrude along path in multiple planes?

    easy breezy...and I can get a BOM from it...no need to go back and redo it...done right the first time. However, I will admit that electrical conduit could be just a EAP...but I would rather not fight with it. So I just made...(see last image) (Note the texture labeling)
  6. HEengineering

    Best Methods for Extrude along path in multiple planes?

    When in the mode just click and drag. I mispoke, you don't get a lasso you get a selection box. See my quick clip below Screen Recording.mov
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  8. JuanP

    How to keep Vectowrks open?

    @Hanna D'EliaThis can be caused due to outdated graphics cards drivers, follow the instructions from HERE and if the problem persists contact tech support.
  9. line-weight

    Best Methods for Extrude along path in multiple planes?

    For me, the reshape tool will let me use marquee or lasso selection if I'm editing a polyline - but not a nurbs curve. So I can't actually see how to select several nodes at once.
  10. zoomer

    Joining 3 walls with different styles

    I really tried any combinations of primary L, T Joining or touching by dragging at different lengths, closed or open Mode and any kind of open or closed Component Connections and forgot which brought the final result. For me it broke down again when I tried to L-Component-Join both plasters at the left hand side ! Yes, I increased the line weight to better see if I could somehow close that gap by adding a "start" end cap. Didn't know if it really appeared as did not know the way to control its line weight. Thanks. But I think that is a quite sensitive connection that would easily brake over time if you accidentally touch one of the related Walls. Or when you need to replace or edit a Wall Style. There is a new "rejoin Walls" setting when replacing Styles in VW 2019 !!!! If that is active, most of my, much easier situations, which had some manual "Join my way" enforcements broke down after opening a Style without any changes. (I clicked accidentally OK instead of Cancel, which also forced a Replace Style)
  11. HEengineering

    Best Methods for Extrude along path in multiple planes?

    Follow Bensons suggestion. If you use the lasso too while in the editing mode you can grab just the nodes you want to move. Whether you want to include the corner or exclude the corner it can be done. Double click, grab the lasso tool and try grabbing just a few nodes you should see how it works. Once selected you can grab them as a group and move that segment. Also as Benson said you can alter the type of node it is. Or vertices if thats what you call them.
  12. line-weight

    Joining 3 walls with different styles

    Yup - the solution is: Remove all the wall breaks Extend the 'middle' wall down to the line of the external wall face and cap it Join each of the other two walls to that middle wall with 'T' joins Then do 'L' component joins for the white internal finish component. Thanks @zoomer!
  13. line-weight

    Joining 3 walls with different styles

    Cheers. I see that your solution involved making the 'middle' wall come right to the external wall face, with a capped end. The only issues in 2d when I opened it were a lineweight thing on that capped end, and an unwanted line in the internal finish corner on the left But that is fixed by changing the end cap line type in the wall settings, and a component join sorted out the other line. Now to see if I can replicate this in my model!
  14. XOP15

    Stage Deck Fill

    Hi Team, I have a question about Filling Objects, I have taken a stage deck that I created using the stage deck tool and cut a hole in it using the subtract solids tool to make a trap door, the new object now has no fill in Top/Plan view, how can I give this a colour fill like the deck next to it Thanks Dave.
  15. symo

    Symbol summary like Spotlight

    Got it! Thanks so much. All makes sense.
  16. @jblock can you push this to OZCAD in Australia please? the service pack is not vet available to me.
  17. zoomer

    Joining 3 walls with different styles

    Sorry, I was just too lazy. Here are the VW 2018 exports. I was a bit surprised that this common looking simple situation is much harder than the 2 other previous examples. Untitled 2 v2019a v2018.vwx Untitled 2 v2019b v2018.vwx Untitled 2-2 v2019x v2018.vwx
  18. zeroInf

    Symbol summary like Spotlight

    See immage attached , i can explain with my poor english . You can add a lot of function ,but not only . You can Create an Record Format then attach to your symbol and then create Report based on Record format ... In this case I/we used functions.
  19. symo

    Symbol summary like Spotlight

    Many thanks zeroInf. When creating the report - what options do I need to select to generate that worksheet?
  20. Hi all, I am making a mechanical design of an object, and I have an instance of it as a 3d symbol in my design layer. When I do a sheet layer with viewports of the different views and do Dimensions in Viewport Annotations, "Radial Dimensions" is not working. If I select a circular object the center of the radial dimension measurement ends up in a galaxy far, far away outside the object. However, if I go back to the design layer and do "Convert to group" and then update the viewport, it works. Is this a known problem? Am I using a stupid design method, trying to maka an annotated drawing of a 3d symbol? The reason want to do it this way is that I am afraid that the 3d symbol which I am sharing between drawings might not be properly updated during the design process, due to my mistakes. If I take the measurements on the actual symbol, I can be relatively sure it is correct. If I use a "flattened" copy of it, they might be different. BN
  21. zeroInf

    Symbol summary like Spotlight

    You can do this Job with Worksheet , createing a report . A example file attached (VW@2019) . http://prntscr.com/ne1wdh F@001.vwx
  22. line-weight

    Best Methods for Extrude along path in multiple planes?

    Yes I think having a library of bends is the best way to do it when working in detail ... however if you want to quickly draw up a load of rainwater pipework for a 1:100 or 1:50 drawing it's nice just to be able to make one line and then extrude it all in one go. This used to be a really tedious part of drawing elevations manually... but the EAP method makes it a lot less painful. Even in its current non-ideal state. Problem with moving the vertices in a bunch along the straight run like you suggest, is that doing so generally changes the angle of the bend, and then the bend points no longer make sense and I am scared of trying to edit them because I usually seem to just end up with unpredictable spaghetti results!
  23. line-weight

    Joining 3 walls with different styles

    I'm not on 2019 yet so can't open that.... I managed to get it ok in 3d, and ok in 2d, but not both at the same time!
  24. holly_brookes

    Line Light Rendering

    Hello, would anyone be able to help me understand why my line lights won't all render? I'm using realistic interior renderworks, i have 8 line lights that need to render and other light sources in the space, but when i create a viewport and render only a couple of the lines show? I'm trying to create a glow behind the object in the centre (see attached image) so the pattern is illuminated. The pattern is cut out of the solid, theres holes for the light to shine through, and the pattern stretches the length of the line lights (just hard to see in open gl) I've tried every different falloff light mode, the smooth setting produces no light at all, and the realistic works well but only certain lines render. I turned off ambient occlusion and renderworks backgrounds in case indirect lighting was impacting it but it didn't make a difference so not sure what i'm doing wrong! also i have the line lights set on 10,000 lumens for brightness could this be why? I've attached images to indicate what I'm trying to do, any responses are really appreciated! ps. I'm an interior architecture student doing my final year projects so if i've missed something obvious sorry i've not been using it that long! ūüôā
  25. Kazemester

    Cursor bug with VW2019sp3 and iMac 5k

    Update: sleep - wake solves the issue...
  26. Benson Shaw

    Interior elevations - how to do ceramic tiles

    It's super easy to make a 2d array of squares or any other shape via Edit> Duplicate Array. The x and y duplication distances should include the grout space. Then convert the whole thing to 3d polys and place on top of wall. Class the whole thing for viz control in the SLVP. Or, if there is an intricate color scheme, use several classes, one for each tile color. Apply classes to appropriate tiles with the eyedropper, or multiple selection. If the goal is super accurate shop/layout drawings, eg to avoid cutting or to place tile relative to fixtures, remember that real tile has thickness which means diminished available wall area/width. That is a good reason to use extrude symbols representing actual tile thickness. Create duplicate symbols as needed classed for different colors. Anyway, the ceiling grid is an interesting idea. Let us know how it works out. -B
  27. Kazemester

    Random weird graphics bug

    @RossU i’ve sent you a file that has the same issue.
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