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  2. MartinFahrer

    Default viewport scale

    How do I change it from 1:1 to say 1/2" scale. and have that be my default without messing with stories. I am not an architect and Stories is a level more complicated than I need. I have done it before but forgot how and I am on a new computer settign up my defaults. Thanks
  3. Thank you, to be clear I'm not asking for high-res rendering. Again the image above was the working shaded view of WYSIWYG, not a high-resolution render. This is real-time, being able to see everything real time. I would at least expect VW to be able to show me lights. I don't need the beams, I don't need high-res, I just want to know "do I have visual coverage". I can't even get the DRAGGABLE beams to work, they are greyed out. I'm finding very little useable information on Vision..... Is it a VISUALIZER only, or can I build a full production in it? I mean, I would obviously build the core model of the room, walls, stage, etc in VW and then in Vision can I insert the trusses, lighting fixtures, install acoustical panels on the walls, drop in speakers, etc? This is what I'm able to do in WYSIWYG all in one environment SIMPLY. I don't expect VW to do what WYG does just like I don't expect WYG to do what VW does, but only (8) lights at a time is ridiculous! There's ZERO reasons why they can't make this unlimited. Especially when someone like me has an 8-core i7 4.2Ghz and an 8GB RTX2080 graphics card. Either they don't want to do it, or they don't know how to do it. But the fact is, it's not tasking anything to just have lights turn on with beams off. I'd love to give Vision a FULL test-drive, but their demo only supports (5) fixtures at a time. I went through this process with CAPTURE, I had to just buy the software to try it...and turns out that because it's based on a DirectX engine, it chokes quickly when using strip lights. I'm starting to think more and more that for what I do and need, I'll need to have BOTH options....VW SPOTLIGHT and WYSIWYG PERFORM. 😞
  4. @Christiaan just tried the Nomad app on my android device, pretty useless to be honest, app crashes every time using the AR viewer. And viewing the 3d model is ok, except when you click the set view button it puts the model on some strange axis, really bad app as it is right now, hope to see work put into this and improved, so much potential for showing clients quick 3d snippets of work 🤔
  5. milezee

    Nomad App PDF android issue

    @inikolova hi Iskra, just put the Nomad app on my android device, crashes out everytime when trying to use the AR viewer 🤔
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  7. Zeno

    IFC, GUID and timestamp in Vectorworks

  8. michaelk

    architect or designer?

    Welcome to the forum. For interior design and product design you won't miss anything in Spotlight or Landmark. The stock architect workspace is similar to the stock designer workspace. Rendering is exactly the same.
  9. joolyw007

    architect or designer?

    Interior and product designer new to VW after using student licence. Need to buy 2019 licence but would I notice any difference between architect or designer versions? Really don't need landscaping or lighting design - leave that to others. Are the resource libraries the same for example? Most of the online training uses designer (i.e. Jonathon Pickup). The rendering would be the same on both right? I make a lot of 3d models of products.
  10. Vectorworks does not have the OpenGL rendering abilities of WYSIWYG. For OpenGL Renderings in realtime you will need to export to their Vision software package which provides this capability. What Vectorworks beats the competition at is drafting and 3D modelling. Sadly, nowhere yet exists (that I am aware of) for a truly complete production solution for lighting designers. I feel sure that soon Vision will be integrated into the Spotlight package in the same way that Braceworks was added. No doubt there will be a premium price point to match. It's a really interesting time at the moment in 3D visualisation and I feel sure that there will be substantial improvements soon. Already, there is a plugin available to co-render Vectorworks models with Lumion and I am sure that other plug-ins will be following soon. If you look through the forums you will see that there are many frustrations with regard to OpenGL and lighting. For the moment, Vision does seem to answer most of them.
  11. Neil, Thank you for your response. This would be a limitation of VW, certainly not one of OPEN GL (which is now Vulcan). I'm a heavy user of CAST WYSIWYG PERFORM (and heavy not just because I eat too many donuts! haha) , the attached file is a screen shot picture of the real-time lighting I'm using. There are (54) house light fixtures and a huge amount of stage lights. This is real time, zero lag, no offline rendering required. And this is all Open GL. Man, VW is a great program! But this is a HUGE flaw and buzzkill 😞
  12. Neil Barman

    lights not turning on/turning off when I turn others on

    My understanding is that the 8 light limit is part of the OpenGL standard as a whole because OpenGL is meant as a quick-to-render solid mode. If the OpenGL standard allowed one to add as many lights as they wished, then it is likely that the "quick" aspect of OpenGL would be gone (because rendering light can be complex and add rendering time.)
  13. Diego-Resuelvectorworks

    IFC, GUID and timestamp in Vectorworks

    Can you share the name of the BIM manual you are reading? To see the context of that statement.
  14. Pier Luigi

    Mojave 2019 SP3.1 Text Editing Very Slow

    I think you have corrupted preferences in user folder. Trash the Settings folder and it should work back the normal way.
  15. Thank you for your response. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Do you know why there is that limitation? That's a horrible design flaw!
  16. OpenGL in Vectorworks only supports 8 lights at a time. There is no setting you can toggle I’m afraid.
  17. So I have installed (9) Ellipsoidals on a front truss and (12) color fixtures on a rear truss. When in the OPEN GL mode only 8-9 or so actually will turn on at a time. If I try to turn more on, go off. When I do a FINAL RENDER they show up just fine, but in OPEN GL only a handful will actually turn on. Is there a setting that limits how can be turned on at a time? If so, where is that and how do I turn it off?
  18. Apologies if this has already been discussed. As a recent convert from Autodesk I really like the planting features. However the plant tag feature living on the design layer seems a bit confusing especially when organising your sheet layers. The data tag tool and annotation editing capabilities on sheet layers seems a more logical place for plant tag manipulation. Working in 1:1 (which I presume is best practice for most people) on the design layers leads to trial and error text font changes and plant tag placement when going to sheet layers. If there is already a better work flow for this I would be grateful to know.
  19. zoomer

    HVAC Ducting to Interior Model

    So far I did a few extrudes along paths only (in C4D). Pipes and square elements. No fancy ribbing. Just a zinc texture. Better than nothing. Ribbing could be done in VW by custom geometry duplicated along paths (?) But I think I would prefer to cut and bevel loop selections in Modo or C4D. I played with MEP tools in Bricscad, which also have basic volumes only but allow continuous drawing like with VW Structural Member Tools. These allow also some manipulation and parametric editing. I didn't really got the Tool Workflow so far though.
  20. milezee

    HVAC Ducting to Interior Model

    @zoomer I was hoping that I was missing something simple 😝, but I guess not. Yes extruding along a path is one way to do it, then how to make them look like ducts with the ribbing etc ? Is there a material/texture that will work ? ps, thanks for the input 👍
  21. zoomer

    HVAC Ducting to Interior Model

    I am 100% with you. Duct for decoration purposes. And I often have the opposite too. Customers want to see real duct work and send data from engineers. Mostly using exotic Apps and barely have real DWG export. What you get is a bunch of Meshes or 3D Faces that make your file unusable. So some basic "fake" Duct tools, providing proper (Solids) geometry from 3D line work would be very welcome. VW Architecture has some basic MEP tools. But they only throw in separate single components, which is much to tedious. So for now I think the only and best option in VW is to "Extrude along Path" (?)
  22. I am wanting to add some HVAC ducting to the ceiling of my interior model, similar to the attached image. This is purely for aesthetics to show how the space will look and feel once all the furniture, floors etc have been fitted. Is there a way to do this in VW 2019 (Architect) ? tia
  23. barkest

    Use marionette to create parameters on object

    Thank you Pat Python it is then 🙂
  24. Neil Barman

    Shortcut issues in VW2019 after upgrade from 2016

    @DJMDevon I dont know exactly why you’re seeing what you’ve described, but the description you’ve provided makes me curious... When you first ran v2019, you would have been asked if you would like to migrate from a previous version, did you you reply Yes or No? With regards to the keyboard shortcuts, Vectorworks’ built-in Help documents (available via the Help menu) have a PDF of the keyboard shortcuts. It’s available here.
  25. Welcome to the Forum, @MattBurke! What’s you are seeing doesn’t look familiar to me, but might you be able to post your actual Vectorworks file here so that users can examine it? Screenshots are helpful, but often in cases like this it’s even more useful to have the actual file to take a look at.
  26. Neil Barman

    Service Select Sign in (Can't) from Canada

    There shouldn’t be any issues... I was just able to do it myself and had no trouble. If you are still not able to, I would recommend sending an email to tech support (CAtech@Vectorworks.net) and asking them to look into it. When you email, make sure to include the last 6 digits of your serial number so they can cross reference with your account.
  27. Hey everyone, first post. I am a CAST WYSIWYG PERFORM user, have been for close to three years. I had hoped to have ONE single program/environment that I can use for design, programming, visualization, pre-visualization, and reporting. Where WYG lacks greatly is in CAD importing and exporting, and CAD in general. I really like VW, it's powerful--and from an "integrator's" point of view where I need to write AV prints it's awesome! However where I'm really struggling (and ANNOYED!) with VW is that there are often multiple steps to do ONE task, as compared to WYG. For example in WYG I insert a truss and drag it to the position, then attach a fixture. Not only is the trussing hung, fixture attached, etc...but the light immediately turns on and I can position the beam, both in wireframe and lit on the stage, immediately. We're talking SECONDS.... on top of that I can have multiple views open, one in my wireframe and one in my shaded view to see the haze---without having to do any kind of rendering, it's all REAL TIME and REALLY INSTANT! This is absolutely NOT the case in VW. I just want to DRAW BEAM or DRAW BEAM AS SOLID, and they are all grayed out. I am reading about assigning classes, etc. WHY can't I just insert the truss, connect the fixture, and BOOM it all just comes up? Why won't VW draw beams w/haze in Open GL mode? WYG will do things that VW can't come close to doing, likewise VW does things WYG just can't do. For this reason, I have to go with BOTH programs (sucks!) but VW just annoys me because everything is multiple steps. I'm a smart guy, I can figure stuff out---but this drawing beams from fixtures, I'm lost! 😞 Thank you in advance! Brad Lyons
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