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  2. Hello Bruce: What have you tried so far? The Hyperlink Object should allow you to put a graphic on the drawing and take you to the online help. Export that to PDF and the hyperlink will work when you click on it. There is also the new Cloud Presentations, which let you make boards and web views and panoramas all in a collected set. There isn't yet a general hyperlink "hot spot" but I have asked for one. Until then the PDF with Hyperlink Object in it technique would work there too. https://cloud.vectorworks.net/presentations/11e94995b9599ad8b33b0ed66c18f16a
  3. I am (still) amazed that I can't create a presentation about Vectorworks using Vectorworks and make links to the Vectorworks help pages. Please fix this.
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  5. herbieherb

    What mouse do you recommend?

    I got the 3dconnexion CAD Mouse with cable. I'm very happy with it. I used to work with Logitech mice before, which i also liked. But for CAD I clearly prefer the 3dconnexion mouse. For high screen resolutions or multiple screens, you need a high resolution mouse. That's where the 3dconnexion with its 8200dpi/1000Hz performance comes in. This is not possible wirelessly, but fortunately batteries/empty rechargeable batteries are omitted. I like the mouse to react very fast, so I don't have to move my hand that far. The high dpi helps that I can still work very accurately. The middle mouse button next to the mouse wheel is really comfortable. I don't like to push on a mouse wheel even if they are as good as the ones in Logitech mice. The mouse is rather large and not suitable for small hands. At 3dconnexion you have the possibility to test the devices and return them if you don't like it. What's great about 3dconnexion products are the awesome drivers. There is a special freely assignable radial menu. If desired, whole input sequences can be put as macros on mouse buttons. And all settings can easily be configured for each software individually if desired.
  6. paulg

    File crashes VW19

    Thanks for that. I think the graphic s issue is caused by the insulation batt tool. I have always found VW struggle to display it when is on a angle. cheers Paul
  7. digitalcarbon

    Design/Cost - Live

    people are interested in the cost of things...while I admit that there are varied approaches with pros and cons...people are interested in the cost of things... If a UFO land at the White House and offered a little black box for $1 each...and it could tell anyone what the cost of a project was at any given time (live)...would you buy it? If the answer is no then the debate still continues...
  8. Nikolay Zhelyazkov

    File crashes VW19

    Hello Paul, I was able to open your file and was about to send you the file exported to VW2018, so that you could try to open it. Anyway, glad to hear that you found a solution to your issue. 🙂 Best Regards, Nikolay Zhelyazkov
  9. Dave Donley

    Network Publish

    Hello Amorphous-Julian: AFAIK VSS doesn't have a credits system, you can render as much as you want as a VSS subscriber. I will check that. There is a queue involved and I think we do limit how many concurrent tasks you have running, to allow others to also use the system. The function is "Update All Viewports"; for a local network this would involve copying the Vectorworks file to all the computers and having different update different viewports then combine the results. On the cloud we launch Vectorworks, open your file, update all viewports and publish it, then close the file. Control is a double-edged sword, the render servers for VSS are all running known OSes with known installs and are in a software box that is tightly controlled. There is a cost to administer a render farm on an intranet, and from experience with project sharing and firewalls and odd network settings we would likely have new classes of bugs where the intranet renderings would fail because of the combinations in some offices.
  10. paulg

    File crashes VW19

    Hi Nikolay, I have just DM the file however I think the problem is solved. I looked further down the trouble shooting forum and found this article I have changed my Display preferences to be ' Best Compatibility" and the file now opens and runs fine. I did recently update to SP3 so maybe its time to update the iMAC to a newer machine.
  11. Mikedk64

    project in navigation

    Hi, Is it possible to add a parameter in the navigation vindue (see picture below)
  12. Nikolay Zhelyazkov

    File crashes VW19

    Hello @paulg, I could try to open your file, if you send it to me. Best Regards, Nikolay Zhelyazkov
  13. Mikedk64

    AutoTurn Vw2019

    I did see that my drawing was far away from my user origin, so that why everything disappear.
  14. Phileas

    show elements in sections and not in elevations

    @line-weight was thinking about that too, the fix is probably to offset the upper or lower component from the other one by a distance of 0.0001cm or so. still a kind of annoying fix, but pretty easy with wall styles
  15. line-weight

    show elements in sections and not in elevations

    Ok. Turns out that the difference in material type/class was a red herring. In fact VW will 'stick' two wall objects together regardless of whether the surface components are the same. I guess this creates the opposite problem, where you have two wall finishes that are on the same plane but different materials, where you actually want a line between them to indicate the material change, but VW will not draw this.
  16. Phileas

    show elements in sections and not in elevations

    @line-weight This is exactly what I did in my file, and the line disappeared as well 😉
  17. 'Merge structural objects with the same fill'!! that was it, solved....after all that. thank you so much @line-weight
  18. line-weight

    show elements in sections and not in elevations

    So...I did an experiment, as much to clarify to myself how this works, as anything else. Here I've got the surface of the wall as two different 'insulation' materials. You can see from the colouring. But in the hidden-line elevation view, there is no line between them. This seems to be different from the result others are getting. Maybe look at my attached file to see if things are set up differently. walltypes.vwx
  19. Phileas

    show elements in sections and not in elevations

    @line-weight I solved My issue. You were right, the solution is to vertically stack 2 walls with different styles and to make sure they are PERFECTLY aligned vertically. The line then disappears. Thanks to everyone for your help, I knew you guys had a solution to offer 🙂
  20. Marissa Farrell

    Circles in Circle

    I'm attaching an example to get you started - it still needs some error handling and modifications to get exactly what you want. I've added a new layer for the Control Geometry example, and I've modified your original network on its original layer. Let me know if you have any questions! CIRCLES IN CIRCLE_MFarrell.vwx
  21. Mojo65

    Tool Sets

    You are a star, it works now. I had them always docked together and that was the reason why it didn't work. Thank you very much. I am happy now.
  22. Mikedk64

    AutoTurn Vw2019

    Hi, I am trying the new autoturn feature in Vw2019, but have some problems with it. When I open a drawing (created in Vw2018) and send to autoturn online it appear fine in the window. But when i then zoom or pan the window the drawing disappear. Why do this happened?
  23. paulg

    File crashes VW19

    I have a file that has started to crashe VW19 upon opening. I have tried opening the backup file with the same result. Is there a place to send the file so someone can try and rescue months worth of work. The project is on site next week so I really need this file to open. your s hopefully. Paul
  24. TomWhiteLight

    NEW- Vision online training seminar

    Nice one Brian! If we miss it in the UK due to time difference will it be available for us to download? Best Tom
  25. I haven’t explored ifc data yet. Will check it out. Cheers
  26. Phileas

    show elements in sections and not in elevations

    @BG you mean putting a 2D polygon in front of the wall with this issue, and having this poly in a class I can turn on when I make elevations, and off the rest of the time? yeah that would be a good emergency solution...
  27. Andrew ResX

    Create Hoist Manufacturer

    Anyone know how to create additional hoist manufactures to the standard VW list?
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