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  2. Revisions and Issues are very tricky to work with. Each time you create a new Revision or Issue, you are actually creating a new Record Format that is attached to the Title Block Border. So unless you are scanning for the different Revision records Title Block Revision Data-1, Title Block Revision Data-2, etc. you will always get the same value. Further information on the records attached to the TBB is in this thread.
  3. Database headers is ticked however the rows are spreadsheet rows not database ones. You can see how the rows are labeled 12, 13, 14 etc and not 12.1, 12.2,1 2.3.
  4. We have an issue that regularly pops up. Conditions that contribute: Vectorworks 2018; Artistic Edges; WinDoor; possibly walls not joined correctly. If I replace the WinDoor object, the issue goes away and the stray diagonal lines disappear. I have tried changing most of the WinDoor preferences, even pens and classes, but the problem persists.
  5. On the 2015 iMac, the updater said SP3.1 was not current and it updated the computer to SP 6. On the 2015 MBP, it says SP3 is the up to date version. Also, the updater on the MBP is in Chinese or some form of Kanji. Is this the correct scoop? Maybe the updates are oriented to particular computers? Thanks, Donald
  6. Go to "view" and activate show data base headers, then you will see above each rev column a cell with an arrow which will let you choose criteria for the col.
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  8. Thanks for the reply, I'm not seeing any pull down menus in the worksheet. They appear to be just spreadsheet rows and not database ones. Which I note is different from the tutorial screen shot that shows drop down options found here https://app-help.vectorworks.net/2020/eng/VW2020_Guide/Setup/Project_revision_and_issue_history_worksheets.htm
  9. So did you check in worksheet data pull down menu that you have different revisions in each column. It doesn't work for me I. Terms of left to right order which I am in process of clarifying with VW tech on another tread.
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  11. Hi There, I'm having trouble creating a revision history worksheet from my title block borders. As shown in the screen shot below you can see that the revision number keeps repeating the current revision as oppose to the revision the drawing had when it was issued . I though I might be able to fix this myself using the Set Cell Formula, but I can't get that to work either ūüėě Thanks for your help!
  12. @Tom W. I was thinking of setting up a website where we could all share resources like slabs, hardscapes, etc. based around a common workflow at some point.
  13. Hi @Ben Jameson, I provide Tech Support for Vectorworks users in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. I've had a few encounters where users are being hampered by the limitations of VPNs that have been set up for them. In all cases so far, performance issues have been factored by one or more of the following; network communication speeds, the amount of network traffic, the speed and availability of the server. These factors apply to LANs as well. Vectorworks recommend the use of Dropbox for shared files/resources (Workgroup folders) as well as Project Sharing specifically. That way your workflow can't be impeded by inadequate network traffic, network speed, server availability or server speed, because all files are stored locally and syncing occurs for everyone, automatically, in the background. I suggest you request such a service be set up for your office. It's great you've confirmed that the Workgroup folder is the source of the delay. If using Dropbox is outside company policy, perhaps your IT people can set up a synced, shared folder to put it in. - A sort of in-house implementation like Dropbox. If you wish to use Project Sharing with Dropbox (etc) please refer to official documentation about this from Vectorworks Inc. See this topic in Vectorworks Help.
  14. Hi @Jan B., here's a few possibilities that come to mind, in order of likely applicability: Perhaps it is Vectorworks 2019 that is selected in the NVIDIA Control Panel settings? (The screenshot doesn't show the full name of the program selected). Did you click the 'Apply' button after assigning Vectorworks to the dedicated graphics card and before closing the NVIDIA Control Panel settings window? Try restarting the computer. Windows / operating system settings may be such that the new dedicated card is not enabled / being employed despite the NVIDIA Control Panel settings. The latest driver for that card (from NVIDIA, which may differ from the latest one offered by Lenovo), is 451.77. Although I doubt it will help in this case, it's worth updating to this driver if all the above don't resolve this matter.
  15. Hey All, Here's a link to a Google Form I quickly setup to gather this information from fellow users. https://forms.gle/3sVHytYDvoaxwau77 Feel free to share with various circles you are in. The more data we have, the more useful it will be for @Chris Baccala and the team! To start out, do not be afraid that your issue has already been reported by another member. I say, assume you are the first to report it. It will be easy for me to sort through the raw data later, remove duplicates, and report back to Chris & Team with the results. Depending on how many reports of symbol discrepancies I receive, I'll attach the "live" results to another spreadsheet that can be viewed & searched before submitting. That would prevent a dedicated person from wasting an hour or more adding every Symbol discrepancy they are aware of all at once, when it already has been reported. I imagine that eventually, a quick search through that spreadsheet could save some time. Any feedback on the form itself - reply below or message me and I can make changes for clarity. Thanks in advance for any input!
  16. @michaelk Thanks, I must have messed something up or was just over tired when i was doing this last because thats how i thought it had worked in the past. thanks
  17. Yes when you insert the door it will insert with the bottom of the door at the layer level. Once inserted look in the OIP. Right near the top will be values for X, Y, and Z. Z will be 0. Change it to a negative value.
  18. Hi @Tess, As I understand your situation, I believe simply using the 'Copy from Symbol…' button in the Edit Plant Style dialog is what you need to use. In there, you can choose to replace the 2D symbol for the plant with that of another Plant Style. See images below. Either right-click on the Plant Style resource in the Resource Manager, or select the plant in the drawing, then click 'Edit Plant Style…' in the Object Info Palette to open the following dialog. Then in the Visualization options, in the 'Graphics' section, under 'Top/Plan Graphics,' click 'Copy from Symbol…,' then choose the plant symbol from which you wish to copy the geometry. If the plant you want to copy from is not yet in this document, browse for that file/resource in the Resource Selector (menu) in the 'Copy From Symbol 2D' dialog, just as you would in the Resource Manager. See second picture. …then use the 'Edit Current Graphics' button and paste in the new geometry.
  19. Hi, I am trying to use Energos to test design options for a small house and while I have been able to set it up correctly (I think), I have not been able to figure out how to have multiple different Energos labels for different design iterations in the same file. I have not been able to find anything online about this, is it possible? To further explain, I want to run 3 separate analyses, one for the existing, one for new v1, and one for new v2. I would like to have a sheet for each version and have the correct Energos label for that version on the sheet layer. I can place a label for any one of the iterations, but when I go back into Energos to switch it to another iteration, the old label updates as well, when I don't want it to change. Is there any way to have multiple different Energos analyses in the same document? It seems like it's only set up to handle one design at a time which is unfortunate. I'd like to avoid having to create multiple files for each different design iteration if possible. Thank you very much!
  20. @michaelk Thanks for the reply, I was finding the overhead door was still snapping to the 0'0". as well as the side entry doors. am i doing something wrong >?
  21. Hi @Ari Phillips, I'm just passing through so I'll just rattle off a few things that come to mind: (If you're using any version of Vectorworks before Vectorworks 2018 SP4, it is likely a compatibility issue with macOS Mojave and you'll need to update, or upgrade Vectorworks). Check whether the macOS shortcut to enable Siri is activated/on. The default to activate Siri is Command-Spacebar, so there might be a conflict. Seeing as your Spacebar/Pan shortcut key isn't working, I suspect your Workspace or your Vectorworks installation is corrupt. To verify: Open your Vectorworks User Folder: In Vectorworks, go: Vectorworks > Vectorworks Preferences… > User Folders > Reveal in Finder Quit Vectorworks Prepend your Vectorworks User Folder's name with an 'x' to disable it Open Vectorworks and test if Spacebar works to invoke the hand. If it doesn't: Close all other apps and try again. If it works, you have a software conflict with one of the apps you've closed. If it doesn't work, contact technical support for more granular assistance. If it does: Something in your Vectorworks User Folder is corrupt and you're best to Reset Vectorworks Preferences. Reinstate your libraries/Favourites but if you want to reintroduce your Settings, do each one with testing in-between so you can isolate and remove the file/s responsible for this issue.
  22. You can do it on the same design layer. Just give the door a negative Z value in the OIP. If the wall the garage door is inserted into has a bottom offset of 0 and its Bottom Bound is the Layer Elevation it will stick out below the wall. You can give that wall (or all the garage walls) a negative bottom offset to lower the wall as needed.
  23. Here's some logical actions that might reveal where the issue lies: Try something easy first: Remove the reference then re-add it. - This process might reveal that other conditions are the problem, like the file being referenced may have been moved or corrupted (for example). Check that you can open the file that is being referenced. To determine if your installation is the issue: Determine if this issue occurs for other users/on different computers, using the same file. If other users experience the same crashes, then the issue is likely with either your file or the referenced file. OR Perform an acid test: Go: File > New… > Create blank document > draw some random stuff, save, then close. Go: File > New… > Create blank document > reference the other new file, save, then close. Open the referenced file and make some changes, save, then close. Open the referencing file, try updating the reference. If this works file, it suggests the issue is with your file or the referenced file. Restore from a backup. Repair your installation of Vectorworks (version 2019 and later) Open Vectorworks 20XX Updater application On Mac this is here: Macintosh HD > Applications > Vectorworks 20XX On Win this is here: C:\Program Files\Vectorworks 20XX\Vectorworks 20XX Updater\ In the 'Advanced' menu, choose 'Repair.' Re-test for the issue.
  24. Hello All, I relatively new to this without any training. So i may have some pretty beginner questions. I wondering how you all handle a garage overhead door for a Single family home, since its most often at a lower level then the 0'0" main floor? I've been creating a new story and fighting through the bounds and shoving a short wall into to set the door. then cutting out the door for the main floor exterior wall. I'm quite certain this is not the easiest way to achieve this but its all I've come up with thanks in advance
  25. Current customization are saved with the file. So when you open a old file in 2020 that had customized parameters you should see those customized parameters in 2020 and the saves settings should show as customized. Your customized settings are saved in your user folder, so if you migrated your user folder from one version to another you may be seeing your saved set options you created in the prior version.
  26. @JuanP - I sent you a DM with a sample file showing the 'Data Tag Lag' in SLVP Annotations. Thank you.
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