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  2. Kazemester

    Cursor bug with VW2019sp3 and iMac 5k

    Update: sleep - wake solves the issue...
  3. Benson Shaw

    Interior elevations - how to do ceramic tiles

    It's super easy to make a 2d array of squares or any other shape via Edit> Duplicate Array. The x and y duplication distances should include the grout space. Then convert the whole thing to 3d polys and place on top of wall. Class the whole thing for viz control in the SLVP. Or, if there is an intricate color scheme, use several classes, one for each tile color. Apply classes to appropriate tiles with the eyedropper, or multiple selection. If the goal is super accurate shop/layout drawings, eg to avoid cutting or to place tile relative to fixtures, remember that real tile has thickness which means diminished available wall area/width. That is a good reason to use extrude symbols representing actual tile thickness. Create duplicate symbols as needed classed for different colors. Anyway, the ceiling grid is an interesting idea. Let us know how it works out. -B
  4. Today
  5. Kazemester

    Random weird graphics bug

    @RossU i’ve sent you a file that has the same issue.
  6. Thank you very much Benson. The methods you describe would get us closer to real 3D to 2D generation, albeit as you say, not quite what I'm after, but a better solution than manually cutting hatches etc. I wonder if I could make a vertical ceiling grid 1mm off the wall and display planar info in the viewport...have to give all these a go.
  7. Hanna D'Elia

    How to keep Vectowrks open?

    Thanks MickaelK
  8. Alex71

    automatic universe assignment

    Hi Max. No, I meant another. Not numbered , assigned. Automatically on how many channels the device uses
  9. michaelk

    How to keep Vectowrks open?

    Sounds like a job for tech support. Maybe the install failed. Or your computer specs are incompatible.
  10. C. Andrew Dunning

    Soft Goods Tool

    At the present time, this can't be done without converting a given Soft Goods instance to a Group (making the P.I.O. raw geometry).
  11. Neelambari Shukla

    Post-Brexit support for UK VWX architects

    @EriCAB Thanks for the interest in my services. You can reach me at neelambari@cadmitra.com I look forward to your email. thanks, Neelambari www.cadmitra.com
  12. Working in a file mostly for 3D modeling. Admittedly not something I do often. I have multiple solids, mostly additions/subtractions that I am editing into various shapes. Issue: I double click to edit the 'layers' of addition/subtraction, but I need to change the view to see where where each object aligns and to take measurements. Whatever view I have when I enter Edit-Mode works fine, but as soon as I change views (usually via the numpad hotkeys 1-9) the view changes but centers on some ridiculous place among other objects. When working on very small objects, it becomes very frustrating to find them again (and again, and again) to make edits. (yes I have the object selected when I change views) The 'Center on Object..' feature works 100% of the time OUTSIDE of these Edit windows. I would LOVE if I am just missing something or some weird box I didn't check. Hoping someone out here can provide some insight 😃 Thank you!
  13. adamzemel

    Soft Goods Tool

    Does anyone know how to move the stud on curtain upright plates in the soft goods tool. Our company uses Innovative System hardware and the 18x18 and 24x24 plates have 5 holes for the upright studs. Right now, I can only use the center stud, or the stud to the left or right of centre one. I would like to use the corner hole or one above the middle one (on top). I have not be able to find the option for this in the tool. Adam
  14. Kevin McAllister

    UVW Unwrap

    You can convert the object to NURBS surface and use Model>3D Powerpack>Unfold Surfaces. Unfortunately it just piles all the pieces into a pile instead of arranging them logically. If you have access to Rhino, it has a much better unfold command called UnrollSrf with referencing and labels. Kevin
  15. Wesley Burrows

    My personal EGPU Benchmarks

    I had similar results with a GTX 980 TI on an external display, though mine was on Thunderbolt 2 and High Sierra. Made a huge difference in Cinema 4D, But I felt no discernible improvement in doing all the things I do daily in Vectorworks. I last gave it a shot on 2019 SP2.
  16. CiaMariaPia

    Joining 3 walls with different styles

    Nice job! .....but did you learn why whatever you finally did worked and do you think you now have the knowledge to avoid the "trial and error" approach the next time? .... and could you share the secret? The trial-and-error method is what I've been doing and it's neither predictable nor a particularly efficient way to work so I'm searching for the wall join Grail.
  17. Pat Stanford

    Site Model Contour editing

    https://softwarerecs.stackexchange.com/questions/764/app-to-convert-existing-image-files-to-vector-graphics http://www.imagaro.com Have not used any of them, but saw a demo of imagaroZ a long time ago at MacWorld and it looked very impressive.
  18. Pat Stanford

    Dimensioning to grouped items

    Do your Class Options include one of the Snap options (Grey/Snap, Show/Snap, Show/Snap/Modify)? What snap options do you have on in the Snaps Pallet? I just tried a simple group consisting of a Line, Rectangle, and circle. I then made a Viewport on a sheet layer from it. When I edit the annotations, and have Snap to Object turned on in the Snaps Pallet, I can snap to all of the points inside the group. With Snap to Intersection turned on, I even get the intersection of objects in the group and objects in the Annotations. What are you doing differently?
  19. Yesterday
  20. Benson Shaw

    Interior elevations - how to do ceramic tiles

    @JMR My opinion is that hatches are envisioned as more of a generalized appearance feature rather than as an accurate geometric representation, at least in the case of ceramic tile, brick, and other grids. But that is conjecture. Workflow ideas that might work for you: Model it in one way or another rather than depending on hatch. Goal is to present an easily created 3d representation of either the grout lines or the tiles themselves. Duplicate Array command and Move by Points tool are both very helpful for this. Create a 2d grid of lines or dbl lines representing the grout lines, or an array of rectangles or other closed shapes with proper dimension for the tiles and offset for the grout lines. Work either in the SLVP elevations of the various walls (safer, but has an extra step to transfer them to model later) or on the walls themselves in the model (careful not to move other elements). Create these in a group for safety of surrounding and so they can be edited/moved easily or removed later. The choice depends on your desired outcome. The grid of lines is low overhead, but will only represent the grout spaces. The closed shapes will represent the actual tiles including voids for grout space between, and can receive color fill and have thickness. Higher overhead, but can be reduced by creating a symbol and repeating instances of it. If working in the Annotation space, Cut/Paste this 2d info into the model as Screen Plane or 3D plane arranged on/over the corresponding wall. Now convert to 3d. May need to move onto the wall in top/plan. Put it in its own layer? If the grout line grid is used, edit the group, select all, Modify>Convert>Convert to 3d Polys. If competing with wall surface for visibility, move the group just slightly to front of wall surface. It shows on "blank" areas of wall, but will be obscured by sinks, faucets and other projections from the wall. Class the group or the content to show/hide in the VP. If the closed shapes are used they can either convert to 3d polys again (may need to move outward a bit), or extruded to zero or full depth all in one go. If symbols, create a new 3d symbol (poly or extrusion), select all of the 2d instances and Replace in one go with the new 3d version. Extrusions to full depth would probably require thickness adjustment of wall component. Probably not what you wanted to do, but it eliminates problems with inaccurate hatches. -B
  21. would normally add hatches/images etc in viewport annotations - make a polygon fill and change to your selected hatch/tile
  22. Hanna D'Elia

    How to keep Vectowrks open?

    I have installed Vectorworks 2018 yesterday. I am about to use it. I double click on the shortcut icon on the cree. Vectorworks opens. it stays open for about 5 seconds, and then disappears form the screen. I have a pc. Can anybody help me? Thanks. Hanna
  23. MattG

    UVW Unwrap

    Curious what others do here. I have something that is a semi-complex 3d Model, just odd angled polygons and things. All are on a stage pointing at different angles and things. They want to map lay in some LED product on top of it, but it is tricky getting it to all layout. We use 3Ds max for the visual side of things for a lot of this, but from a purely dimensional standpoint is there any sort of unwrap option thing that can work in VW to let us layout a piece as a single flat piece and throw some dimensions on there? Matt
  24. Rossford

    Site Model Contour editing

    From what I gathered, most convert profession graphics that are in jpg or other form to better vector graphics. It seems none could do much for a quick pencil line sketch, although some had some settings that might make those better. Tracing one last time with a sharp pen takes longer than tracing with a mouse or stylus pen on a Wacom board.
  25. Only restart resets the cursor. Cursor is big on the left half of the screen and small on the right side. Not an OSX bug, i went through all the settings, resolution change, logout, etc. It happens after a while i work with VW 2019 SP3 and an iMac 27" 5k. Did anyone else experience this? Thanks Edit: screen recording doesn't record this... New video with iPhone: VW_bug.mov video_d3d80f704a8746169a2df0d9a90a3df7.mp4
  26. Hi all, I've set up a multitude of interior elevations in sheet layers. Everything works fine (though very slow...). However, I need to display ceramic tiles on some walls, and I since everything is created from the 3D geometry, I need to get the ceramic tile grid from the wall objects. I also need to adjust the run of the tiles by individual wall, since that is important for the builder (and the architect). I've run into the following when trying to crack this: Surface hatch cannot be adjusted individually? Controls are not available or they have no effect. Sometimes the change in eg. rotation of the hatch is passingly visible but immediately resets to the orthogonal setup, same with offsets Hatch controls change all walls' hatches, which is not an option, I need to adjust wall by wall Tiles or manual hatches are not an option, since I would have to cut holes for every shelf, mirror, tap, etc. in the elevations, by hand. If it were 2D drawings, the hatch could just go behind the objects in front Tiles don't export to dwg anyway - I cannot produce "as built" dwg's for the client with tiles Wall component hatch shows only in plan view, not in elevation (right?) Attribute mapping doesn't work with walls(?) Is there a solution for this? Any workflow advice would be much appreciated, also links to old threads. I did a search but didn't find anything directly about this.
  27. michaelk

    Site Model Contour editing

    Me too! Just bought one and tried it. Not much better. Let me know if you find something.
  28. Robert Janiak

    Video Capture Cards in Vision

    @nakedeye I still can not connect my Black Magic Intensity Pro USB3 capture card and still has 640x480 resolution limited on my Elgato HD60. No changes in SP3 in that problems.
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